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Career  Services would like to inform students of a potential scam job posting:  Acosta - drive while advertising with a company sticker.

If you have received an email about this, students are advised not to make contact with this organization. Students are urged to research employers before applying to any position. Beware of postings that require you to send your bank account or credit card details or an upfront fee. Please check out our Research Resources section for more information on how to recognize potential scams and research organizations before applying. 

At the Mount, we offer a variety of career-related services, resources and opportunities for students, employers and faculty.  Whether you need help making a career decision, are looking for a job, or are wondering what you can do with your degree, we can help you plan a realistic career path and perform a successful job search. Browse through our site to learn more about our services and find out how we can help you! 

New: Your Career Path to Success

We strive to create a safe space and inclusive environment for all students to discuss their concerns confidentially. Our counsellors are Allies with the Youth Project Organization and we value diversity. 

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