Faculty of Education

Bachelor of Education »

Students in the B.Ed. program can choose from two options: the Elementary or the Secondary program. Both programs require 10 units of study organized over two years. You will develop a wide range of skills, knowledge and dispositions of a professional educator. It’s time to explore your next step.

Graduate Programs in Education »

Educators enable others to create knowledge throughout the lifespan. Our graduate programs balance educational theory and practice to foster intellectual curiosity, rigorous thought processes and resourcefulness.

Depending on the area of study, graduates can select to enroll in the Master of Education, Master of Arts in Education, or Research Master of Arts degree programs.  Some of our programs are offered using the cohort model.  For more information about our Graduate Education Cohorts visit our graduate cohorts FAQ’s.

Students will be guided by renowned scholars and researchers world, taking creative approaches to the study of educational theories and practical application in areas such as: Curriculum Studies, Educational Foundations, Educational Psychology, Elementary and Middle School Education, Lifelong Learning, Literacy Education, and School Psychology.

Inter-University Doctoral Program »

Offered jointly with Acadia University and St. Francis Xavier University, the Mount’s Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) program in Educational Studies is a seven-unit (42 credit hour) program comprising course work, comprehensive research/scholarly portfolio and a dissertation.

Students can concurrently anchor their studies in teachable subjects if so desired, and courses deal with: foundations of educational inquiry, research paradigms and methodologies, theories, research methods, and focused educational studies.

Teaching & Learning

Students graduating the MSVU Bachelor of Education Program

The Mount has a long history in teacher education, and our faculty have a diverse and exciting range of expertise, research interests and international project experience to help guide you through your professional learning practices.

Curriculum Resource Centre (CRC)

The CRC is a specialized education resource library. Its goal is to provide educators, from pre-school to high-school levels, the resources they need to plan programs for today’s learners. Read more »

The Mount’s Chair in Learning Disabilities

Jamie Metsala

Dr. Jamie Metsala was reappointed as the Gail and Stephen Jarislowsky Chair in Learning Disabilities. Since 2011, Dr. Metsala is involved with teaching, research and course development for the Faculty of Education at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Read more »

Meet our Faculty

Explore our experienced professors and let them guide you to discover research, principles and philosophies that transform your professional practice. Take a closer look >>