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About the Society

The International Student Society (ISS) is a society where every creed, race, and religion finds commonality, where opinions can be expressed without prejudice, where diversities will be honored and no student will be diminished, dismissed or disrespected for their differences. We encourage members to bring a piece of their nation with them.

 Executive Committee 2017-2018

President | Azzam AlGhamdi

  • Provides adequate leadership in the society, chairs all general and executive meetings, plans the agenda and ensures that all executive members have the necessary information for executive meetings. Provides and maintains efficient administration over ISS affairs. 
  • Provides direction and ensures that visions of ISS are met.
  • Has responsibilities over the budget and works closely with the treasurer.
  • Works closely with the International Student Representative to properly strategize on how to maximize SU services and to ensure that matters are up to date.

Vice President | Valeria Lara

  • Acts as the principle representative in the absence of the president, provides leadership, helps organize activities and events.
  • Fulfills the tasks of president in case the president is unavailable or is not able to do so.
  • Works closely with the Organizing Secretary in writing letters & other necessary documentations needed by the ISS.
  • Chairs the internal and assists the external communication, ensuring that messages are properly relayed.

Publicity Officer | Ksenia Kholina

  • Promotes activities and events, acts as a liaison between the ISS and the clubs and societies on and outside campus, designs and distributes flyers.
  • Responsible for getting former and new international students more involved in the society.
  • Responsible for handling and maintaining social and advertising media tools (Facebook, twitter, podcasts, posters, fliers, and other forms of media).

Events Coordinator | Amal Alsalem

  • Responsible for coordinating, organizing and planning events and activities for the society.
  • Responsible for getting former and new international students more involved in the society.
  • Engage the International Student Body through ongoing campus activities.
  • Manages all logistical details pertaining to society’s events.

Organizing Secretary | Bilal Khawaja

  • Responsible for maintaining a proper membership list inclusive of the executive, advisory, and all contributing members and meeting attendees involved.
  • Handles secretarial and executive tasks such as writing letters, proposals, or handling forms for the SU, when required.
  • Gives regular notices or reminders of executive and emergency meetings.
  • Ensures that all necessary documents (requisition forms) for the event is submitted and approved.

Treasurer | Azzam AlGhamdi

  • Accountable for the handling of funds, ensuring their safety and providing approval of funds when required. 
  • Provides funds for ISS activities when requested from executive members of the ISS.
  • Works closely with the Events Coordinator in planning fundraising activities; providing the float and accounting for the sales and end money count for each activity.