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At the Mount, our Accessibility Services team is here to help you identify and access information, accommodations and supports that are unique to each learners needs. Each year, our team provides direct support to over 300 students, and takes a broader role in promoting self-advocacy and an equitable student experience. Learn more about the Mount's commitment to student success via the policy to support students with disabilities

If you are a student 
and unsure if you have a disability, please visit our page on accommodations, which also outlines common disabilities that affect students. If you have a disability, your next step is to get registered with Accessibility Services; please review our eligibility and documentation page for information. If you are registered with us, you may also have access to funding to help you in your academic career. 

If you are a professor and are looking for information on your role in accommodating students, please visit our information for faculty page, where you can also find a helpful Faculty Guide that outlines important information regarding you and Accessibility Services.

Above all, we acknowledge that it takes effort to ensure that teaching and learning at the Mount is accessible, and work with students and professors to bridge gaps that exclude students from learning equitably.  

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