About us

At the Mount, our Accessibility Services team is here to help identify and access accommodations and supports that are unique to each learners needs. Our team provides individual support to over 300 students, by promoting self-advocacy and an equitable learning environment. Some examples of the types of disabilities that form our diverse population of students include physical and learning disabilities, medical conditions, vision and hearing loss, ADHD and mental health.

Understanding that it takes effort to ensure that teaching and learning is accessible to everyone, we work with students and professors to provide the support needed for each student to reach their full potential. You can learn more about the Mount's commitment to student success in our policy to support students with disabilities


Our Request for Test Accommodations form is currently unavailable. Please email msvu.ca  for instructions on how to proceed.
Our New Student Client Profile form is currently unavailable. Please contact msvu.ca to register as a student with a disability.

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