Pre-Study Questions for Participants


Mount Saint Vincent University’s Research Ethics Office has compiled these frequently asked questions (FAQs) from the perspective of participants, to provide information to participants before and after taking part in a research study. The following Participant FAQs are meant for information and guidance purposes only. Specific questions about the research study should be directed to the appropriate Principal Investigator (PI), Research Lab, or additional research personnel part of the study which is normally found in the recruitment materials, information letter and/or the informed consent letter. For information concerning your rights as a participant, please contact

Additional information for participants in general can be found through the Panel on Research Ethics, a Government of Canada resource.

Specific research study questions should be directed to the Principal Investigator (PI). This can be found either in promotional/recruitment material for the research study or in the consent form.

If you have general questions regarding your right as a participant or the treatment of participants during the research study, please reach out to Ms. Brenda Gagné, MSVU’s Research Ethics Coordinator.

You are free to withdraw from a research study at any point in time. However, there may be procedures for withdrawal, and limitations to removing your data if withdrawing after participating. Every research study is unique and requires a different set of procedures. If unsure, or if wishing to withdraw from a research study, please contact the PI or discuss this with the appropriate research personnel.

Your information is normally confidential throughout the entirety of the research study, and typically de-identified. De-identifying your data is the process of keeping personal information separate from the information collected during the research process; typically, a random ID code will replace your name.

However, there are limits to confidentiality, which will be included in the consent form. In all other instances, your information will remain confidential.

The process of maintaining privacy and confidentiality, including any limitations to confidentiality, will be detailed in the consent form. If you have any questions, please discuss this with either the Principal Investigator (PI) or the appropriate research study personnel.

Research studies may offer compensation or incentives for participation. Information regarding compensation or incentives if applicable, will be included in in the informed consent document.