To help this generation of Nova Scotian girls develop, appreciate and celebrate their own abilities and talents and those of other girls and women, to help them to empower themselves, build confidence, and be a positive influence in their communities.

2021 Girls Conference
Girl Power In A Digital World

On Friday, March 5th, 2021 – Mount Saint Vincent University and the Alexa McDonough Institute for Women, Gender, and Social Justice (AMI) will welcome junior and senior high school girls from across the province to the 2021 Girls Conference. To mark our tenth annual conference celebrating International Women’s Day, this year registration is free compliments of Mount Saint Vincent University. The conference will take place during the school day from 10 am – 2 pm.

Young women at the conference will have the opportunity to participate in various workshops and activity sessions which include confidence building, leadership skills, personal and professional growth, and developing stronger minds and bodies. They will also be able to share their ideas and opinions while learning effective strategies for expressing themselves and new ways to explore making a difference in their communities.

Workshop and activity sessions will give young women the opportunity to tell their stories, share their ideas and advice with each other while pushing boundaries in new areas and having some fun in a gathering that is a safe space for girls to explore new horizons and new challenges.

How the Virtual Conference Will Work

Depending on the COVID-19 restrictions in place in individual schools, the girls will join the conference from their regular classrooms or spaces their schools have designated for delegates. They will need:

–        A device with video, audio, and microphone capabilities such as a tablet, or laptop/computer

–        Headphones for their device

A text-navigator will be present in each workshop to ensure chat messages from delegates who may be joining from their classrooms are communicated to workshop leaders.


Individual delegates and groups are required to complete the registration form.

There is no registration fee for this conference and there is no limit to the number of girls that can register. Once registered students will receive an email confirmation the week of the conference along with the virtual workshop link.

Registration will close on Sunday, February 28th at 11:55 pm. Any request to register after the closing date should be sent to girlsconference@msvu.ca

*The young women should use an email account they monitor regularly to ensure they have access to the workshop link. *

Please email girlsconference@msvu.ca for the registration form.





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