2017 Recipient of The Global Ageing Network for Excellence in Applied Research Award

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NSCA Fall Newsletter


NSCA STAFF WORKING REMOTELY: Following the recommendations of public health authorities, Mount Saint Vincent University staff are currently working remotely. Currently, NSCA staff telephones will not be answered regularly. The best way to get in touch with us is through individual staff emails (visit our People page) or the Centre’s general email account at nsca@msvu.ca which is being monitored regularly. Thank you

NSCA ANNOUNCES NEW PROJECT ON LONG TERM CARE SUPPORT VISITS DURING COVID -19 PANDEMIC: The new multi-site implementation science project will examine the barriers and enablers to support visitation programs in long term care homes during the COVID-19 pandemic. Four care homes in Nova Scotia and two care homes in Prince Edward Island are study sites. Project activities include survey of facility characteristics and review of relevant documents, interviews with care home staff, and family/friends approved as designated caregivers/partners in care. In addition, consultation with three other jurisdictions implementing similar family visitation programs will be undertaken. Read the media release and CHFI Implementation Science Teams – Strengthening Pandemic Preparedness in Long-Term Care for more information.

DR. KEEFE APPOINTED VICE-CHAIR OF EUROPEAN UNION’S JPI SCIENTIFIC ADVISORY BOARD: Dr. Keefe was appointed Vice-Chair of the European Union’s Joint Programming Initiative (JPI) More Years Better Lives’ Scientific Advisory Board.  Dr. Keefe began her term as Vice-Chair in January 2021, alongside Dr. Johan Fritzell from Sweden, who will become Chair. Congratulations Dr. Keefe!

TRAINING OPPORTUNITY IN DATA ANALYTICS: MSVU is one of several partners of the CAnD3 initiative, an innovative training program in Population Analytics in an Aging Society to equip the next generation of academic and applied population researchers with the knowledge, skills, and networks to support data-driven decision-making in aging societies. Contact nsca@msvu.ca for more information on training opportunities and possible funding through our site. For more information on the CAnD3 initiative go to https://www.mcgill.ca/cand3/

GLOBAL AGING AND COMMUNITY INITIATIVE NEWSLETTER NOW AVAILABLE: Dr. Zachary Zimmer, Canada Research Chair, and his team provide update on their latest research activities. Check out the Global Aging and Community Initiative (GACI) newsletter at https://globalagingandcommunity.com/

POSTDOCTORAL FELLOWSHIP AVAILABLE: There is currently an employment position available for the Home Care Patheways project: Postdoctoral Position: How Approaches to Care Shape the Pathways of Older Adult Home Care Clients. For more information : Home Care Pathways-PDF

REPORT ON OLDER WORKERS IN NOVA SCOTIA RELEASED: Want to learn more about the experiences of older workers in Nova Scotia? The summary report is now available at
https://novascotia.ca/shift/Older-Worker-Employment-and-Labour-Force-Participation-Booklet.pdf  and the full report is available at https://novascotia.ca/shift/

DR. KEEFE CONTRIBUTES TO IMPORTANT DIALOGUE ABOUT COVID AND LONG TERM CARE: Through ongoing commentaries and media interviews since March 2020, Dr. Keefe continues to raise awareness about the concerns in long term care and COVID-19 and about the deficiencies of long term care that COVID-19 has brought to light.  Read the latest opinion piece in The Hill Times “Vaccines give long-term crisis a brief reprieve, but cannot stand alone as the solution” and listen to her guest appearance on CBC Radio Maritime Connection show on February 21 when the topic was “What can we do to improve long-term care?””

SALTY PROJECT SHARING FINDINGS: Researchers are busy working on a number of manuscripts to share finding of their work on quality of life in long term care. Check out the article on examining how long-term residential care policy in Canada guides staff in enhancing multiple aspects of resident quality of life published in The Gerontologist, Long-Term Residential Care Policy Guidance for Staff to Support Resident Quality of Life
Watch for other forthcoming papers in Canadian Journal on Aging on volunteers in long term care, and in Social Science & Medicine on emotional labour for dying residents in long term care. In addition, a series of short briefs highlighting key findings from the project are being developed and will soon be available. Watch the SALTY website www.saltyltc.ca or follow the SALTY team on Twitter for the latest news.

HOME CARE PATHWAYS PROJECT GEARING UP FOR FINAL INTERVIEWS: Interviews with members of care constellations at both sites took place in the fall 2020 after a bit of a delay due to COVID-19, and analysis of these interviews is underway. The final interviews with constellation members are being planned for the Spring of 2021. Stay up to date at www.homecarepathways.ca