Check out some of the research conducted at the ECCRC through these easy-to-read, visual infographics:

How is the Pandemic Influencing the Lives of Maritime Families with Young Children?

COVID-19 Maritime Family Survey Preliminary Results. 2020

  • Results from an online survey completed by Maritime Families near the beginning of the COVID-19 global pandemic to understand how it was influencing the lives of Maritime Families with young children, including their routines and needed supports.

COVID-19 Maritime Family Interviews 1&2 Preliminary Results. 2021

  • Results from interviews completed with the same Maritime Families as above to understand how the COVID-19 global pandemic has continued to influence the lives of Maritime Families over time as they adjust to changed routines and adapt to changing realities.

Positive Solutions for Families: Promoting Positive Parent Behaviours to Support Social Emotional Health

Positive Solutions for Families Interview Results. 2020

  • Results represent the experiences of parents and facilitators who participated in a series of in-person and/or online (due to COVID-19) workshops for families. The workshops were designed to help parents learn new skills and strategies to support the social and emotional health of their young children.

Families' Experiences of a Universal Play-based Early Childhood Program in Nova Scotia

Families’ Experiences of a Universal Play-based Early Childhood Program in Nova Scotia: Implications for Policy and Practice. 2020

  • Results represent the experiences of parents/guardians who completed a survey about Nova Scotia’s Pre-primary Program in the 2017-18 school year which included: how the program supported them and their children, the challenges and barriers to accessing the program, and their perceptions of the staff and curriculum.

Addressing the Achievement Gap Through Pre-primary

Addressing the Achievement Gap Through Pre-primary: Exploring Future Workforce Expectations to Support Future Implementation. 2019

  • Results reflect a survey that examined how the introduction of the Pre-primary program was influencing future Early Childhood Educators in terms of their perception of changes in workforce opportunities and their expectations about future employment.

Establishing a Current State of Healthy Eating Practices Across Early Learning Environments

Exploring Healthy Eating Practices in Universal Play-based Early Childhood Program in Nova Scotia, Canada. 2019

  • Results reflect four case study sites with the objective to understand healthy eating practices in the Pre-primary Program.

Building the Capacity of Early Childhood Educators to Support the Social-Emotional Development of Children and their Families: Evaluating the Implementation of the Pyramid Model in NS

The Pyramid Model in Nova Scotia. 2019

  • What is the Pyramid Model? What does the Pyramid Model look like in Nova Scotia?

Building Policy-relevant Research to Support Child Well-being in Nova Scotia