ECCRC Goals and Objectives

The goal of Dr. McIsaac’s research program is to enhance well-being during early childhood by ensuring policy and practice supports families as they transition through early learning environments (e.g., childcare/preschool settings, schools, family resource centres, community).

The objectives of the ECCRC include:

  • To ensure policy and practice is informed by the knowledge and lived experiences of families
  • To evaluate the implementation of early childhood policy strategies on practice and child well-being;
  • To build policy and practice partnerships
  • To develop, conduct, and share meaningful, policy-relevant research
  • To mentor students and trainees

Facility Resources

Research is conducted at the new state-of-the-art Centre for Applied Research in Human Health (CAR) at 47 College Road. This new collaborative research space brings together faculty across disciplines to strengthen research efforts at MSVU and develop provincial, national and international connections.