Early Childhood Collaborative Research Centre

About the Centre

The Early Childhood Collaborative Research Centre (ECCRC) engages families, as well as partners in policy and practice in research and evaluation to enhance early childhood well-being. The goal of the ECCRC is to ensure policy and practice are in place to support families across different early learning environments. Find out more about the Centre.

Research at the ECCRC is led by Dr. Jessie-Lee McIsaac, Assistant Professor and Canada Research Chair in Early Childhood: Diversity and Transitions.


We share the results of our research in different ways. Please see examples of our recent presentations, posters, videos, reports, and academic publications.


Providing the best start for our youngest generation is a growing social and economic priority in communities across Canada, including Nova Scotia. Check out our recent projects that support early childhood development.



The Early Childhood Collaborative Research Centre team is working remotely, as per the Government of Nova Scotia and Nova Scotia Health recommendations on preventative measures against COVID-19. If you have broader questions relating to COVID-19 and Mount Saint Vincent University’s planning, we encourage you to visit https://www.msvu.ca/en/home/aboutus/coronavirus/default.aspx.

Given the novelty of the coronavirus (COVID-19) global pandemic, the exact impact of COVID-19 and the associated closures and physical distancing advice on Maritime families is still unknown. We have introduced an online survey to understand how the global pandemic is influencing the lives of Maritime families with young children, including the lives of Maritime families with young children, including their routines and needed supports. This will lead to future research focused on learning how family life has adapted as a result of COVID-19. You can complete the survey through this link: tinyurl.com/familyCOVID19

About our Team

Our team members are committed to conducting rigorous research and evaluation to support early childhood well-being. We foster an environment of collective learning through mentorship and teamwork. Find out more about our team and current job opportunities.

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Early Childhood Collaborative Research Centre
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Phone: 902-457-6553

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