Internal Request for Proposals (RFP)

Mount Saint Vincent University (the Mount) intends to employ SSHRC’s Aid to Small University grant to more precisely define and locate within its community human development-focused interdisciplinary research initiatives and strengths. The proposed allocation of resources emphasizes support for activities that build on these strengths to foster research capacity that will be positioned to compete for external to Mount resources.

Mount research faculty are invited to submit proposals on a bi-annual basis (by October 15 or March 15 of each fiscal year) to the Research Grants Board. Mount faculty are also encouraged to further explore funded research opportunities within settings such as provincial and federal government departments, foundations, NGOs, development assistance agencies, private businesses, and world governance bodies (e.g., UNESCO, WHO).

Grant Purpose

This internal grant serves to provide encouragement and support for new, inclusive initiatives that enable Mount scholars to develop and to lead interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research collaborations. It is anticipated that collaboration will stimulate the development of interdisciplinary research initiatives which mobilize discipline-seated conceptual and research design/methodologies strengths and practices.

Research proposals must satisfy SSHRC’s concern that the Aid to Small Universities grant be employed creatively to further research excellence through development of research centres embodying the university’s resident strengths and potentials. This grant offers the prospect of supporting Mount research development through focusing resident strengths while enabling the initiatives holding the potential to move Mount research capacity and reputation to a new level of innovation.

Evaluation Criteria

The Research Grants Board will assess proposals on the basis of their potential to foster innovative interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary research. Of particular concern to adjudication will be the potentials of the research and/or activity proposed to foster collaborative initiatives likely to result in the development of proposals for submission to external research funds competitions. Additionally, the Research Grants Board adjudications will attach particular weight to considerations such as opportunities for student formation and participation, as well as demonstrated achievement of outcomes from previously funded research. The Research Grants Board will be chaired by Ardra Cole, Associate Vice-President-Research (or designate) and composed of no fewer than four of the Mount’s research faculty.

Eligible Use of Funds

The funds granted should be used in a single or combination of the following ways:

  • As support for as many as two strategically important working seminars per year over the grant period that are designed to generate interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary approaches in concept and research design to the study of human development issues and concerns;
  • As support for as many as two workshops per year led by interdisciplinary research experts wherein MSVU faculty will be offered opportunities to advance their understandings of the ways and means to build effective interdisciplinary research collaborations;
  • As support for the timely development of interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary research proposals intended for submission to external funding competitions that may arise from the aforementioned working seminars and workshops;
  • As support for collaborative, pilot research studies designed to foster and to test interdisciplinary research designs and methodologies as a key, initial step in the development of proposals for submission to external funding competitions;
  • As support for one or two smaller scale interdisciplinary and collaborative research projects that address pressing human development social policy issues;
  • As support for MSVU-lead inter-university human development interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research initiatives and research proposals; and,
  • As support for interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary research team non-standard, innovative research-levered, knowledge dissemination.

Eligibility Requirement

This internal grant is open to all current part-time and full-time Mount Saint Vincent University researchers.