The Canada Research Continuity Emergency Fund (CRCEF) was announced on May 15, 2020, as part of the Government of Canada’s COVID-19 Economic Response Plan. The temporary program has been established to help sustain the research enterprise at Canadian universities and health research institutions that have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. It is expected that the program will help reduce negative impacts of the pandemic and ensure that the benefits of significant investments to date in universities and health research institutions are protected. This will maintain Canada’s international competitiveness in the global, knowledge-based economy, and contribute to Canadians’ health and social and cultural life, as well as the health of Canada’s natural environment.

The program, which has a total budget of $450 million, has two objectives:

  • as a priority, to provide wage support to universities and health research institutions, both of which are ineligible to the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy (CEWS), to help them retain research-related personnel during the course of the COVID-19 pandemic (up to $325 million); and
  • to support extraordinary incremental costs associated with maintaining essential research-related commitments during the COVID-19 pandemic, and then ramping-up to full research activities as physical distancing measures are eased and research activities can resume ($125 million).

 Allocation Process at MSVU

Stage 1

1. Eligible faculty members are identified by internal financial records.

2. Eligible faculty members are contacted.

3. The application form is circulated to eligible faculty members.

4. The application form is circulated to all faculty members for inclusion and transparency.

5. Faculty members have two weeks to complete the application form.

6. At the deadline, faculty forms will be collected and adjudicated by the committee.

7. Applicants are informed of their CRCEF allocated amount by an award letter from the committee.

Committee Adjudication Process

Mount Saint Vincent University (MSVU) is dedicated to excellence in research and research training. MSVU is strongly committed to fostering diversity and inclusion within our community and encourages applications to the CRCEF from all qualified candidates including women, persons of any sexual orientations and gender identities and/or expressions, Indigenous persons, African Canadians, other racialized groups, persons with disabilities, and other groups that contribute to the diversification of our campus.

The committee members have received unconscious bias training prior to membership, and the committee includes representatives with appropriate expertise from equity-seeking groups, including the Co-Chair of MSVU’s Pandemic Equity Action Committee. We at MSVU strongly believe that equity, diversity, and inclusion strengthen the research community and the quality, relevance, and impact of research.

All eligible researchers who apply to the CRCEF at MSVU will be considered for funding. The committee will endeavor to fund all applications to their fullest requested amount. If the need exceeds the funds, the committee will issue an across-the-board cut relative to the funding limit. MSVU will apply for Stage 2 funding if the needs exceed the funds.

Applicants will be informed of their CRCEF allocated amount, as well as the committee decision-making process and members, by award letter.

Contact Information 

Dr. Derek Fisher
Associate Vice-President Research (Interim)