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Universitat de Vic is located in the small city of Vic, population 42,000. This city has ancient origins and its old world charm seamlessly blends into the rich arts scene. Vic is located in the autonomous region of Catalonia where the mother tongue is Catalan, but citizens also speak the national language, Spanish. The city is 70 km north of Barcelona and 100 km from Perpignan, France.


Subjects are offered within the fields of Humanities, Business, Communication Studies, Health Sciences and Education. English courses are primarily offered in the fields of Business and Communications. Vic’s Language School plays a role in the international student experience by offering intensive language courses in Spanish and Catalan as well as courses in French, Arabic, Italian, German and Chinese.


The University of Vic does not have its own residence halls. However, the Accommodation Service provides listings to help you find appropriate accommodation. As a student in Vic you can share a flat with other students or live in one of the city’s three residence halls. Some halls offer amenities such as common areas, WiFi hotspots, libraries, self-service laundry, office equipment and computer rooms. In addition, UVic offers performing arts groups, fitness classes and access to sports facilities located around town.

Average Monthly Living Costs


€150 to €200 (per room)


€150 to €225


€20 to €30 (€0.17 per min)


€40 to €64

The Euro is the currency of Spain. €1 EUR ≈ $1.30 CAD.

Residence Permit

Non-European Union students must apply for a student resident permit if they are living in Spain for over 90 days. For more information, please check Embassy of Spain in OTTAWA.

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