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Universidad Espiritu Santo was founded in 1994. This institution has the most modern and functional campus on the Ecuadorian Coast. It is certified by Conesup (The Ecuadorian Institution that authorizes universities to operate) and there are approximately 5,000 students enrolled in this university.


UEES students choose an academic program that requires completing 140 credits of coursework; students may earn diplomas in Bachelor of Arts, or Bachelor of Science. UEES also has research departments and a teaching faculty for most academic disciplines.


Students will stay with a host family close to the university. Homestay provides students with 3 meals a day and laundry, the cost is around $500 CAD per month. UEES International Office helps students find accommodation.

Average Monthly Living Costs


$350 to $650 US


$200 to $275 US


$50 US ($0.2/min)


$50 US

The present currency of Ecuador is the United States dollar. 1 USD≈1.07 CAD.


Foreign students may enter the country on a tourist visa and stay with this kind of permit if the stay is an academic semester, which is less than six months. Foreign students whose stays are for one academic year must bear a student visa and apply for it in the nearest Ecuadorian Embassy or Consulate.

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