Universidad Carlos III de MadridUC3

Located in the Madrid region, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M) has campuses in three municipalities (Getafe, Leganés and Colmenarejo) that are close to the core of Spain’s capital city. UC3M is a newer university founded in 1989, and educates roughly 19,000 students annually. Exchange students are educated at the largest campus, Getafe, which has 17 buildings.

English courses are offered in disciplines such as Business, Finance, Economics, Social Sciences, Communication Studies and Journalism. UC3M’s Business and Economics undergraduate programs are consistently ranked the best in the country.

There is one residence hall on each campus at UC3M, which offer more than just rooms. They complete a well-rounded educational experience with cultural activities, forums, and meetings. Campus facilities include libraries, cafeterias and restaurants, sports centers, language laboratories, and a courtroom.

Average Monthly Living Costs


€500 to € 800


€200 to €300


€20 to €30 (0.17 € per min)


€40 to €64

The Euro is the currency of Spain. €1 EUR ≈ $1.45 CAD.

Non-European Union students must apply for a student resident permit if they are living in Spain for over 90 days. The cost for Canadian students is about €60.

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