Tallinn University of Technology


Tallinna Tehnikaülikool, also known as the Tallinn University of Technology (TUT) is located in Tallinn, the medieval-esque capital city of Estonia. Known as the tiger of the Baltics, Estonia’s economic prosperity contributes to its very high quality of life. TUT has roughly 14,500 students with a strong multicultural student body.


English courses are offered in Business, Economics, Social Sciences, and Information Technology. Complete undergraduate degree programs are offered in English in the fields of Business, Law, and International Relations.


TUT provides limited amount of housing for exchange students in the Academic Hostel.

Private rooms and apartments can be found through newspaper advertisements, Internet or rental agencies operating in Tallinn. Prices depend on the apartment, location and number of rooms.

Average Monthly Living Costs

Accommodation (on-campus) 180 to $200 EUR /month
Food 100 EUR /month
Urban Transport 23 EUR /month
Restaurant Meal 2-5 EUR per meal

The Euro is the currency of Estonia. €1 EUR ≈ $1.25 CAD.


Students coming to Estonia must apply for a long-stay (D) visa, which is valid for up to six months. For more information please visit the

Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs website.

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