Banner_Exchange Process

Emma Robertson, 2015
  1. Select your dream destination
  2. Get advising
    a) Exchange Advisor
    b) Academic Advisor
  3. Apply for exchange
  4. a) Get nominated
    b) Accept nomination
  5. Submit International Exchange Application and have your courses pre-approved by MSVU

Application Deadlines

  • Summer experience: December 1st
  • Exchange programs
    Fall term: January 31st
    Winter term: August 31st
  1. Attend exchange orientation
    a) Apply to host university you are selected for
    b) Obtain student visa
    c) Book flights
    d) Purchase insurance
  2. Attend pre-departure session
  1. Arrive at your new home and attend the new university’s orientation

  2. Meet new friends and try new experiences
  3. Share pictures, blog posts, and keep the Mount updated

  1. Submit your return report
  2. Share your exchange experience with others
  3. Embrace the new you
  4. Look for opportunities to use and build on your global mindset