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The International Education Centre has 2 Regulated International Student Immigration Advisors.

  • Kay Balite, RISIA ID: S715245
  • Amy Braye, RISIA ID: S718279

IMPORTANT: this page has last been updated on December 2, 2021.

Can I work more than 20 hours a week this summer?

If you are authorized to work, you may work full-time this summer 2021 if you meet the following requirements:

  • you were a full-time student in winter 2021
  • you are a returning full-time student in fall 2021

Note: you are considered a full-time student in the summer even if you are only registered in 1 class.

View complete details on working full-time and off-campus.

Fall 2021 will be my final semester and I have now completed my program of study. When can I begin working full-time?

Provided that you are permitted to work, you must continue to only work part-time until you receive your Eligibility to Graduate Letter/program completion letter from the Registrar’s Office. Once you receive your completion letter, you cannot work until you meet all the requirements listed below.

IMPORTANT: Your study permit must be valid during this period. If your study permit expires before receiving your program completion letter, you must stop working the day the study permit expires.

After you complete your study program, you need to meet all the requirements listed below to work full-time.

  • You applied for a Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) before your study permit expired
  • You were already able to work off campus during your studies
  • You are waiting for a decision on your PGWP application

View the guide on how to apply for a PGWP.
View the complete details on PGWP eligibility and application processes.

I want to apply for my Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP). How can I get my Eligibility to Graduate Letter and Transcripts?

View the guide on how to apply for PGWP.
View the complete details on PGWP eligibility and application process.

For the Eligibility to Graduate Letter, you have to fill out the Letter Request Form and email it to registration@msvu.ca.

NOTE: When filling out the form, you must check both options:

  • Eligibility to Graduate
  • and write “Post-Graduation Work Permit” beside the Other option box.

For the transcripts, fill out the Transcript Request Form and email it to transcripts@msvu.ca Only UNOFFICIAL transcripts will be emailed to you. Due to limited services, you may submit an unofficial transcript that is issued by MSVU.