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Do you need summer storage? Storing you belongings over the summer at the Mount is easy!

A fee of $40 is charged for each trunk stored.

By order of the Fire Marshall, the trunk storage area is reserved for trunks only (no paper bags or cardboard boxes).

Trunk storage is only provided for Residence Students who will be living in Residence for the 2018-2019 Academic Year.

The Mount accepts no responsibility for the trunk or its contents.

NOTE:  Security will be provided with a list of students eligible to store their trunks.


APPLYING - To apply for Summer Storage please click the button below. Once fully completed save your document ensuring the title contains your last and first name (in that order). 

Email it to


Within 48 hours of receipt, you will receive confirmation from our office. If you do not receive confirmation, please contact us.

Summer Storage Applicaiton button


Assisi residents are responsible for getting the trolley and moving their own trunks down to the storage area.


In the Birches and Westwood, all trunks must be packed on the first floor as the narrow stairwells and the weight of the trunks prohibit maintenance from moving them down.

The university will assist students with physically moving trunks between the Birches and the storage area in the spring and fall on specified days only.

Students who do not have trunks ready for pick up on the specified days will be charged an additional $40 for pick up.

Trunks unlocked or unlabeled will not be transported to the storage area. Please ensure you have your full name and 2018-2019 residence room #, and area on your items. A label will be provided by the Residence Life Office for each trunk stored.

Trunks must be ready for THURSDAY, APRIL 19, 2018 @ 8:00 a.m. If you are leaving before the 19th, leave your locked, labelled trunk on the 1st floor.