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Frequently Asked Questions 

What exactly is the Living Learning Community?

In each LLC 8 students will live on the same floor or building. These 8 students will be in the same program and have the same interests, this year the LLCs will be Sciences, Psychology, Child and Youth Studies and Recreations. Throughout the year, the ACRA (academic and community RA) will conduct programs/activities specific to the LLCs. (See What will you gain for some of the activities that may occur)

The faculty of Arts and Sciences and the Recreation Coordinator will also be working closely with the communities, in an informal manner outside of the classroom. Students that are living in the LLCs will have an expectation to attend 75% of the programs, as well as participate in coming up with ideas, and planning of new events/activities.

Who is Eligible to become an LLC member?

  • Student living in Housing for the 2018-2019 school year
  • Students that maintain full-time student status during the academic year
  • For the LLCs by the program, an applicant must be full-time and registered for courses in      the in the Science, Psychology, Child and Youth Studies programs

How do I apply to live in this community?

You can apply by going to this online form:

Click here for the application instructions


Who will be my RA/mentor?

Your mentor for this community is our Academic and Community RA, Juliana Ali. As well, you will be paired with a Mount Mentor of your own.

What will you gain?

  • Community, comfort, convenience, connections, collaboration with like-minded individuals, and sense of belonging!
  • Programs and activities geared towards your program, such as:

o   Meet and Greet with the faculty and staff of the departments

o   Open chats/discussions

o   Assistance with advising – choosing majors, courses, etc.

o   Dining with the Dean of Science or Psychology and/or Chairs of the departments

o   Study halls

o   Peer tutoring and support

o   Lab report writing


How many students are in the LLC?

There will be 6-8 students in each for the 2018-2019 school year.


Am I guaranteed a spot in the Living-learning communities?

No, there are only 6-8 spots for each


What is the time commitment that is needed to live in this community?

There is an expectation from all students living in the Living Learning Communities to attend 75% of all activities and programs provided for them.

Is there an additional cost to living in the LLC?

No, it is the same price