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Our Commitment

Mount Saint Vincent University exists for its students. We are student-centered in all our activities, seeking to exceed their expectations at all times. Proud of the rich diversity of our community, the Mount provides services which both celebrate and support this.

We will:

  • Be courteous, respectful, professional and supportive
  • Maintain a service environment free of harassment and discrimination
  • Deliver relevant educational programmes of high quality
  • Listen to students in planning for and running our programmes
  • Provide for effective student representation in our governance structures
  • Provide a safe, attractive and clean campus conducive to learning

We will:

  • Respond to a prospective student inquiry within 24 hours
  • Assess and respond to admission applications within 2 working days of our receiving them
  • Provide effective advice regarding enrolment options and services before enrolments occur
  • Plan a teaching timetable, carefully considering the needs of the various student groups attending the Mount
  • Confirm enrolments within 2 working days of submission
  • Publish grades within 5 working days of the last or final exam
  • Provide payment options and financial advice to assist students in making the best use of the time and resources they invest in their studies.
  • Provide health, well-being and academic support services of exceptional quality
  • Provide recreational centres to encourage a healthy and balanced approach to life and learning
  • Provide students with access to an electronic communications network to both support their studies and provide for their administrative needs, allowing us to significantly reduce our carbon footprint.

Each student's commitment is to:

  • Take responsibility for their learning and the administrative details which support it
  • When asked, supply the Mount with complete, accurate and timely information
  • Know their rights and responsibilities
  • Treat others with fairness, respect and courtesy
  • Take responsibility for helping us keep the Mount's campus beautiful and well-maintained
  • Share their concerns with us openly and in good faith

Student Experience Values Charter


We respect the intrinsic worth of each individual, regardless of their stature


Collaboration is fundamental to achieving our best work. Respectful, honest communication with appreciation for diversity enables us to accomplish together what could not be achieved alone.


Through the active pursuit of skills, knowledge, growth and innovation, we achieve our highest personal and professional potential in our unwavering quest to provide support of the highest quality.


Compassion underscores all of our actions and decision-making. We demonstrate an empathetic, non-judgmental manner. We believe in the power of tender acts of kindness.


Integrity forms the basis of personal and professional practice. We take individual and collective responsibility for our actions. We are accountable and invite scrutiny. We are honest and fair in all we do. 

We are committed to improving our services and welcome student feedback to do this. Please forward any comments/suggestions to the Office of Student Experience at