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Minitab & SPSS
E-Academy currently offers Minitab for Windows and SPSS for rent at discounted prices.

For students who have access to a computer with internet off campus, SPSS and Minitab can be rented for home use during your course.  This provides students with the convenience of having access to software at home.  You will need your university email address to verify that you are a student enrolled at the Mount.  To rent software, contact E-Academy directly via its website   Please note that the Mount does not provide technical support for software rented through E-Academy.  Should you have any difficulties related to the software downloaded from E-Academy, you must contact E-Academy directly.

Free Antivirus
For people that do not have any antivirus on their PC, there are a few free antivirus options.  Here are some instructions where to get one, and how to install.

Avast! Antivirus

To download and install avast! Antivirus from this website,
  1.  Go to
  2. Find "Download avast! 4 Home Edition", under the grey bar, click on the Download button for the english version.  This is an 8.17 MB file, modem users will be waiting for a few minutes while this downloads.  Please note that the following instructions may change with changes in the product.
  3.  This starts the download, click on save; choose a directory to place the download in.  Unclick the box labelled "Close this dialog box when download completes". When the download completes click on Open.
  4. Follow the onscreen instructions, clicking on next; next, I agree, next, next, typical is fine, next, next.
  5.  A screen will come up question - "do you wish to schedule a boot time scan"  - choose yes.
  6.  Mail protection - just click on cancel unless you wish to configure. Web based email does not need this.
  7. Choose restart.
  8. Your pc will reboot and a scan will start before windows is fully loaded, this is good.  If a virus is found you, will be presented with a menu of choices on how to deal with the virus.  Try Clean, but delete is usually the best option.
  9. You can go to the site and register, which is free, to allow you to use this free antivirus for a year.

Free Ad-Aware (Pop-up Remover)
There is another big threat to home PC's, this is Adware.  It is ok to have a couple of different anti-adware programs running, they do not seem to conflict with each other.
A company that offers a free anti-adware program is LavaSoft -

To download and install the Ad-Aware from their website
  1.  Go to:
  2. Choose Ad-Aware Personal from the left frame. 
  3. On the next page click on download from the right frame. Click on download again on the next page and choose save. Unclick the box labelled "Close this dialog box when download completes". When the download completes click on Open. This installs the Ad-Aware program.

Running Ad-Aware

  1. The first thing to do once the Ad-Aware is installed is check for updates - let the updates install then run the program.
  2. Allow Ad-Aware to remove/delete everything it finds, once the scan is complete, check the boxes of the items it finds, right click and select all if there are many entries.
  3. Restart the pc and scan again.

Additional Antivirus notes
Some viruses are really "smart".  The have the ability to hide from antivirus programs. There are a couple of extra things you can do to try and eradicate these troublesome viruses.

Safe Mode - Windows has a mode called safe mode that loads the minimal amount of software that will allow Windows to run.  In this mode you can still run Ad-Aware and the Antivirus programs.  The advantage of running these programs while in Safemode is that a virus that may be able to mask its presence is usually not loaded in Safemode. This often allows the antivirus to locate and remove even these "smart" viruses:

  1. To get into smart mode, hit "F8", the key above #9 key when the PC is booting. There is a bit of timing involved, you need to hit the key just before windows starts loading, try tapping the key once per second after restarting your pc and you get a picture on your monitor.  If your timing is good, you will get a text screen and near the top is an entry that says "safe mode" use the up arrow to move up to that entry and hit the enter key.
  2. Once Windows finishes loading, it will say that it is in a special diagnostic mode.
  3. Run the Ad-Aware and Antivirus programs in this mode.  Once Scanning and repairs are finished, restart the pc and allow it boot normally.