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Minitab and Minitab Express

Installation Instructions

The following instructions are for installing Minitab and Minitab Express on personal desktop computers.

You will need the application download and the license file which can be accessed by authorized users from the link found at the bottom of this page.  Contact the IT&S Helpdesk at 902-457-6538 or email if you can not access the download site.

Important: Ensure the software application executable and unzipped license file are in the same folder for the licensing to be successful.

  1. Create a folder on your desktop and label it 'Minitab'
  2. Download both the software executable and license zip file and save to the desktop folder created called 'Minitab'
  3. Open desktop folder 'Minitab' to unzip license file Minitab.lic and extract to the desktop folder 'Minitab'.  Note - to unzip a file right click on .zip file that you want to unzip and click on "extract all" in context menu.  In 'Extract Compressed Folders' dialog box enter or browse to the desktop folder 'Minitab'.
  4. Launch the Minitab.exe file and follow the onscreen instructions.

How to Replace the License File at Renewal:

The license will need to be renewed each year.  To do so access the download site for the new license file.

  1. Copy the current Minitab.lic file to the same directory where Minitab is installed (desktop fold Minitab)
  2. Launch Minitab.  When prompted to specify the license server or a license file, select Specify the License file.
  3. Browse to and select minitab.lic and click open.
  4. Click OK to launch Minitab.

Installing Minitab Express for Mac

  1. Download the Minitab '.pkg' file and the license zip file to same folder.
  2. Open the installer, follow the instructions and move the installer to the trash when completed.
  3. From Applications, launch Minitab Express.
  4. To renew license file, copy the new minitab.lic to (/Libary/Application Support/Minitab/Minitab Express).  From Applications, launch Minitab Express and when prompted choose Specify the License FIle and select new file.  Click Open. Click OK to launch Minitab.

Minitab and Minitab Express Download and License File >>