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March Advising Week is a great time to check in with an academic advisor to ensure you're on the right track with your program and to get some help with course selection and scheduling for next year. Advisors from all academic departments will be available for drop-in appointments (see schedule for each department below or download the entire schedule here).  You'll be able to view the fall/winter course offerings with an advisor and ask any questions you have about your program.

If you can't make it for advising during March Advising Week, you can book an appointment with an advisor in your area at a time that works well for you. Check out the "Finding Your Advisor" page.

Advisor Name LocationMarch 6                  March 7             March 8                    March 9    
 Heather Maxwell Seton 30210-4pm9am-4pm9am-4pm9am-3pm
 Erin Tomlinson Seton 30210-4pm9am-4pm9am-4pm-

Advisor Name LocationMarch 6                   March 7        March 8  March 9        
 Dr. Gavin KernaghanEvaristus 2329-11am  
 Dr. Tamara Franz-OdendaalEvaristus 238 2:30-4:00pm  
Dr. Mirwais QaderiEvaristus C205  2-5pm2-4pm

 Advisor NameLocationMarch 6               March 7          March 8        March 9            
Michael Whalen McCain 405F 10am-12pm 10am-3pm  10am-3pm 
Heidi Weigand McCain 406L 11am-12pm   
Rod Tilley McCain 406E 12:30-2pm 12:30-2pm  
Elizabeth HicksMcCain 406F 1:30-4:30pm2-5pm   
Bona Kim McCain 406B  2-6pm9am-12pm  
Tianyuan YuMcCain 405P   10am-3pm

Advisor NameLocationMarch 6              March 7           March 8             March 9             
Dr. Aibing XiaEvaristus C2069:45-11:45am  9:45-11:45am 
Dr. Cherif MattaEvaristus C20811:45am-2:15pm11:45am-2:15pm 
Dr. Ian PottieEvaristus 240 1-3pm  1-2pm
Dr. Kelly ResmerEvaristus C204  9:30-11am  10am-12pm
Dr. Katherine DarveshEvaristus C212 2-4pm   

Advisor NameLocation March 6           March 7         March 8           March 9            
Christine MacLean Evaristus 335 1-3pm  10am-12pm
Joan Turner Evaristus 33712-2pm 12-2pm 
Sarah Reddington Evaristus 341   12-2pm 10am-12pm 
Shane Theunissen Evaristus 333 11am-1pm  2-4pm  
Fernando Nunes Evaristus 339  10am-12pm  12-2pm 

Advisor NameLocation March 6                March 7           March 8    March 9
Alla Kushniryk McCain 305B 10:30am-12pm  10:30am-12pm  
Ian ReillyMcCain 305C1:30-3:30pm1:30-3:30pm   
Tess Laidlaw McCain 305G1:45-4pm 1:45-4pm  
Anthony YueMcCain 305D  12:30-3:30pm  
Amy ThurlowMcCain 305E    11:30am-1pm
Advisor NameLocationMarch 6       March 7           March 8             March 9             
Dr. Randi WarneSeton 326 12-1:15pm & 3-4pmBy appointment: contact msvu.ca12-1:15pm & 3-4pm 
Advisor Name Location March 6                 March 7                March 8          March 9
James SawlerSeton 418 2-3pm  

Please note that the English Department will launch its 2018-2019 course booklet on March 6th from 10am-2pm in the hallway near Seton 509.

Advisor NameLocationMarch 6    March 7 March 8 March 9
Dr. Graham Fraser Seton 509  12:30-1:30pm

 and 3-4pm  
Dr. Reina GreenSeton 524  12-1pm   
Dr. Anna SmolSeton 510 1:30-2:30pm  1:30-2:30pm  
Dr. Nathaniel Street  Seton 513 1-2:30pm  1-2:30pm  
Dr. Rhoda Zuk Seton 511 4:30-5:30pm 4:30-5:30pm  

Advisor Name Location March 6    March 7            March 8            March 9        
Janice KeefeMcCain 201F  10am-12pm 
Aine HumbleEvaristus 321   10am-12pm 
Deborah NorrisEvaristus 325  11am-12pm and 3-4pm  
Advisor NameLocation March 6               March 7                      March 8 March 9 
Dr. Adriana Benzaquen Seton 531  9:15-10:15am                      
Dr. Roni Gechtman Seton 525 12-1pm    
Dr. Arthur McCallaSeton 31210:15-11:15am 3:30-4:30pm 
Dr. Martha Walls  Seton 514 1-3pm  
Please note that the History Department will launch its 2018-2019 course booklet on March 7th from 10am-2pm in the hallway across from Seton 528.

Advisor NameLocation March 6                   March 7        March 8      March 9   
Paula Crouse Seton 420 11am-1pm  3-4pm  
Jean MillsSeton 424 1-3pm  1-3pm

AdvIsor Name Location March 6            March 7                March 8         March 9 
Dr. Michele MillarEvaristus 3571:30-3:30pm   
Dr. Gary SneddonEvaristus 361 10:30am-12:30pm   
Dr. Suzanne SeagerEvaristus 369 1:30-4pm  
Dr. Danielle CoxEvaristus 379  11am-1:30pm  
Dr. Tina HarriottEvaristus 363  1:30-3:30pm 

Advisor NameLocation March 6                      March 7                 March 8           March 9     
Dr. Juliette ValckeSeton 3252-3:30pm 2-3pm2-3pm11am-12pm
Dr. Francois-Xavier Eygun Seton 323 12:30-1:30pm  12:30-1:30pm 
Dr. Alexandra TsedrykSeton 3209:30-10:30am  9:30-10:30am  
Language Lab TestsSeton 3179am-4pm9am-4pm9am-4pm 9am-4pm 

All Modern Languages faculty listed are also available by appointment:




Advisor NameLocation March 6                      March 7                 March 8           March 9     
Linda MannEvaristus 32910-11am 
Jennifer BradyEvaristus 315    1-3pm 
Judy Fraser ArsenaultEvaristus 308  10am-12pm   

Advisor NameLocation March 6                       March 7              March 8 March 9                
Arthur McCallaSeton 32110:15-11:15am  3:30-4:20pm                           
Advisor NameLocation March 6                      March 7                 March 8           March 9     
Tammy FindlaySeton 32412-2pm 9-10:15am and 12-1pm10:30-11:30am
Maya EichlerMcCain 203E  3-4pm  
Jeff MacLeodSeton 5174:30-5:30pm    
Michael MacMillan Seton 520 9am-12pm and 3-4:30pm   
Meredith Ralston McCain 208A12-2pm  12-2pm 
Advisor NameLocation March 6                      March 7                 March 8           March 9     
Dr. Michelle EskrittEvaristus 41310am-12pm
Dr. Daniel SeguinEvaristus 43110:30am-1pm   
Dr. Christine LacknerEvaristus 4214-6pm   
Dr. Mary DelaneyEvaristus 4144:30-6:30pm 4:30-6:30pm 
Dr. Stephen PerrottEvaristus 429 9:30am-12pm  
Dr. Will Shead Evaristus 425 12-2pm  
Dr. Angie BirtEvaristus 423 4-5pm  
Dr. Derek FisherEvaristus 427  9-11:30am 
Dr. Elizabeth Bowering Evaristus 417  9-11am
Advisor NameLocation March 6                       March 7              March 8 March 9                
Arthur McCallaSeton 32110:15-11:15am  3:30-4:20pm                           
AdvIsor Name  Location March 6            March 7           March 8          March 9 
Dr. Kelly Anne Malinen Evaristus 443 10am-12pm9am-10:30pm10am-12pm10am-12pm
Dr. Leslie BrownEvaristus 45712:30-2:45pm  12:30-2:45pm  
Dr. Hazel MacRae Evaristus 4393-4pm   

Advisor NameLocation March 6 March 7        March 8              March 9   
Candace Blaney McCain 406D 10am-4pm10am-12pm and 2-4pm
Paulette Cormier-MacBurnie McCain 405K 10am-4:30pm1:30-4:30pm

Advisor NameLocationMarch 6         March 7           March  8          March 9        
Dr. Mary DelaneyEvaristus 4144:30-6:30pm12-2pm4:30-6:30pm2-4pm
Dr. Meredith Ralston McCain 208A12-2pm  12-2pm 
Dr. Maya Eichler  McCain 203E 3-4pm  

All WOMS faculty listed above are also available by appointment at: