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2018-19 Player Profiles

Kelsey Crocker webKelsey Crocker
Number: 4 Position: Wing
Home Town: St. John's, NFLD
Eligibility: 2nd

Alisha McNeil webAlisha McNeil
Number: 5    Position: Wing
Home Town: Alder Point, NS
Eligibility: 1st

Madison Doucet webMadison Doucet
Number: 6     Position: Forward
Home Town: Bathurst, NB
Eligibility: 5th

Randi Hudson webRandi Hudson
Number: 7    Position: Wing
Home Town: Cole Harbour, NS
Eligibility: 3rd

Kat Khororets webKatherine Khorovets
Number: 8 Position: Wing
Home Town: Halifax, NS
Eligibility: 1st

Brandi Mills webBrandi Mills
Number: 9    Position: Wing
Home Town: Sydney, NS
Eligibility: 4th
Nikki Arsenault webNikki Arsenault
Number: 10    Position: Guard
Home Town: Summerside, PE
Eligibility: 2nd
Courtney Smith webCourtney Smith
Number: 13    Position: Wing
Home Town: New Glasgow, NS
Eligibility: 1st

Gwen Ettinger web
Gwen Ettinger-O'Leary
Number: 14    Position: Guard
Home Town: Elmsdale, NS
Eligibility: 1st

Maria Rodrigues webMaria Rodrigues
Number: 15  Position: Forward
Home Town: Kentville, NS
Eligibility: 2nd

Tyler Malloy webTyler Malloy
Number: 20  Position: Guard
Home Town: Sackville, NS
Eligibility: 1st

Tahlia Jones webTahlia Jones
Number: 22  Position: Forward
Home Town: Fall River, NS
Eligibility: 3rd

Kelsey McGrath webKelsey McGrath
Number: 24  Position: Forward
Home Town: Torbay, NFLD
Eligibility: 4th
Maria Carroll webMaria Carroll
Number: 32 Position: Point Guard
Home Town: St. John's, NFLD
Eligibility: 5th