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2018-19 Player Profiles

Team Roster - click here to download (PDF).

KevinAbrahamGK-webKevin Abraham 
Number: GK  Position: Goal Keeper
Home Town: New Waterford, NS
Eligibility: 2nd

AbdullaBajunaid5-webAbdulla Bajunaid
Number: 5  Position: Midfield
Home Town: Halifax, NS
Eligibility: 1st

ChrisGaragan6-webChris Garagan
Number: 6  Position: Striker
Home Town: Coldbrook, NS
Eligibility: 3rd 
KwakuAgyare7-webKwaku Agyare
Number: 7  Position: Striker
Home Town: Beechwood, NB
Eligibility: 3rd 
ColeRhyno-Wiedermann9-webCole Rhyno-Wiedermann
Number: 9  Position: Wing
Home Town: Halifax, NS
Eligibility: 1st
WarisAtiqullo10-webWaris Atiqullo
Number: 10  Position: Striker
Home Town: Halifax, NS
Eligibility: 1st
JordanBoyd11-webJordan Boyd
Number: 11  Position: Striker
Home Town: Malagash, NS
Eligibility: 4th
AmenKebede12-webAmen Kebede
Number: 12  Position: Midfield
Home Town: Adiss Abaha, Ethiopia
Eligibility: 1st
GrahamWelch14-webGraham Welch
Number: 14  Position: Defense
Home Town: Darthmouth, NS
Eligibility: 2nd
AlvaroSiquieros15-webAlvaro Siqueiros
Number: 15  Position: Midfield
Home Town: Jalisco, Mexico
Eligibility: 2nd
RowanMacArthur16-webRowan MacArthur
Number: 16  Position: Defense
Home Town: Chester Basin, NS
Eligibility: 3rd
OscarCastelblanco18-webOscar Castelblanco
Number: 18  Position: Defense
Home Town: Guayaquil, Ecuador
Eligibility: 1st
ConnorGrant19-webConnor Grant
Number: 19  Position: Midfield
Home Town: Milford, NS
Eligibility: 1st
MaxHoar22-webMaxwell Hoar
Number: 22  Position: Midfield
Home Town: Parrsboro, NS
Eligibility: 1st 
JonathanPhillips25-webJonathan Phillips
Number: 25  Position: Wing
Home Town: Bermuda
Eligibility: 1st