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Policies & Guidelines for Conducting Research with Human Participants

Note: An updated version of the Tri-Council Policy Statement: Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans (TCPS2) was released in August 2019. The UREB is in the process of updating the university policies and procedures to reflect these updates/changes.

At Mount Saint Vincent University (MSVU), all research with human participants must adhere to the ethical guidelines presented in the TCPS2 as well as any policies and/or procedures developed by the UREB for the Mount Community. This includes research conducted by all faculty (both full and part-time), post-doctoral fellows, graduate and undergraduate students, external and visiting researchers, and staff engaged in research under the auspices of the university. The intent of these policies and procedures is to develop and support the highest level of ethical standards possible. It should be recognized that, just as research methods evolve, the ethics review process evolves. Therefore, this document should be seen as a reference point that will be altered as necessary to maintain adherence to ethical practices for all involved in research activity. Researchers are asked to contact us with any questions/concerns or to ensure they have the current versions of the documentation. The guiding ethical principles outlined in the Tri-Council Policy Statement: Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans inform our policies and procedures. These principles include, but are not limited to, respect for persons, concern for welfare, and justice.

MSVU Policies Concerning Research with Human Participants

Title    Document NumberLast Updated.pdf
University Research Ethics PolicyREB.POL.001March 2012Click for document
UREB Terms of Reference  (Senate By-Law 14.13)REB.POL.002                September 2013Click for document
University Research Ethics Compliance PolicyREB.POL.003June 2012Click for document
Research Ethics Training Requirement PolicyREB.POL.004September 2013Click for Document

MSVU Standard Operating Procedures Concerning Research with Human Participants 

Title Document NumberLast Updated.pdf
ScopeREB.SOP.101February 2012        Click for document
MembershipREB.SOP.102March 2012Click for document
Emergency PreparednessREB.SOP.104January 2014Click for document
Research Requiring Ethics Review                       REB.SOP.105 January 2012Click for document
Record KeepingREB.SOP.106March 2012Click for document
Research Ethics Review ProcessREB.SOP.108January 2012Click for document
Departmental Research Ethics Boards (DREBs)
REB.SOP.109March 2014Click for document
Scholarly ReviewREB.SOP.110April 2012Click for document
Reconsideration and Appeals ProcessREB.SOP.111September 2011Click for document
Change to Approved Protocol ProcessREB.SOP.113Jan 2012Click for document
Adverse Event ReportingREB.SOP.114August 2013 Click for document
Unanticipated Research Event ReportingREB.SOP.115August 2013Click for document
Ongoing Review of Research EthicsREB.SOP.116June 2014Click for document
Multi-Site Research and the Research Ethics ProcessREB.SOP.119May 2008Click for document
Use of Bonus Points as IncentivesREB.SOP.120August 2007Click for document
Sensitive DataREB.SOP.127January 2012Click for document
Guidelines for Use of Web-Based Survey ToolsREB.SOP.132June 2009Click for document
Visitors to UREB MeetingsREB.SOP.143June 2011Click for document
Full Committee Review ProcessREB.SOP.144June 2013Click for Document
Minimal Risk Review Process (DELEGATED)REB.SOP.145April 2014Click for document
Expedited Review ProcessREB.SOP.146April 2014Click for document
Student Submission ProcessREB.SOP.147June 2013

Click for Document

 Faculty/Staff Submission ProcessREB.SOP.148June 2013Click for Document
 Revisions/Clarification Submission ProcessREB.SOP.149June 2013Click for Document


MSVU Guidelines Concerning Research with Human Participants 

Title Document NumberLast Updated.pdf
Confidentiality Agreement                             REB.TMPL.001March 2012              Click for document
Confidentiality AgreementREB.TMPL.002March 2012Click for document
Audio ConsentREB.TMPL.003January 2014Click for document
Audio ConsentREB.TMPL.004January 2014Click for document
Video ConsentREB.TMPL.005January 2014Click for document
Video ConsentREB.TMPL.006January 2014Click for document
Photo ConsentREB.TMPL.007March 2014Click for document