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Committee on Research and Publications

The Committee on Research and Publications (CRP) establishes the criteria used in judging research applications, as well as policies and priorities with respect to grant expenditures. Committee members have adopted policies and priorities which, in their opinion, best serve the larger goal of fostering research among Mount faculty. University Research Policies, as well as funding guidelines, are available below. Due to financial considerations and the number of applications, the extent to which research is funded varies from competition to competition. The CRP is composed of the Associate Vice-President (Academic & Research) (Chairperson) and at least five faculty members. Given that the CRP's goal is to promote research on campus, it is the committee's responsibility to make recommendations on funding to the President.

Committee MembersTerm Begins

Term Ends

Dr. Gayle MacDonald, Associate Vice-President  (Research) ~ Chair 

Dr. Jonathan Roberts, Arts & Science

 01- Jan- 2019 30- Jun- 2021
Dr. Deborah Norris, Professional Studies

 01- Jul- 2018

 30- Jun- 2021

Dr. Derek Fisher, Arts & Science

 01- Jul- 2018

 30- Jun- 2021

Dr. Larry Steele, Arts & Science

 01- Jan- 2019

 30- Jun- 2021

Ms. Lindsey MacCallum, Library

 28- Oct- 2016

 30- Jun- 2019
Dr. Mirwais Mauj Qaderi, Arts & Science

 01- Jul- 2017 30- Jun- 2020
Dr. Graham Fraser, Arts & Science

 01- Jul- 2017 30- Jun- 2020
Vacant, Education 

 01- Jan- 2018 30- Jun- 2019



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Policy and Procedures for Integrity in Research and Scholarship


Nov 2013

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Conflict of Interest Policy


Feb 2012

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Canada Research Chair Strategic Research Plan


Mar 2010

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CRP Terms of Reference


Mar 2012

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Award for Research Excellence


May 2011

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Release Time Awards


Oct 2012

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 March 2012

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 October 2014

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 Purpose & Envelopes of Funding


 June 2017

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 Budget Management


 May 2018

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 June 2018

 Open document

 Adjudication Process


 February 2016

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 Continuation of Funding


 June 2017

 Open document

 Residual Grants


 October 2012

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 New Scholars Grants


 June 2017

 Open document

 Funding for Special Projects


 June 2014

 Open document

 NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Awards CRP.SOP.011 Nov 2017 Open document