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Research Publications, Reports, Presentations, and Graphics

Providing the best start for our youngest generation is a growing social and economic priority in communities across Canada, and especially in Nova Scotia. Over the past few decades, the needs of families have become more diverse and challenging, particularly for those experiencing socioeconomic inequity. Check out the resources below to find details on how the ECCRC is seeking to address these concerns.

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Responsive Feeding Environments in the Early Years

This video is a recording of the June 2019 seminar hosted by the ECCRC. Guest hosts Misty Rossiter and Linda Mann talk about the importance of healthy feeding environments in the early years.

Supporting Social & Emotional Development: Responsive Relationships & High-Quality Environments

This video is a recording of the September 23, 2019 seminar hosted by the ECCRC. Guest host Julia Dadds and storyteller Anne Briscombe give a presentation on the importance of responsive relationships and high quality environments.

Early Intervention for Preschoolers with Autism Spectrum Disorder

This video is a recording of the October 2019 seminar hosted by the ECCRC. Guest host Isabel Smith and storyteller Kelly Arnold give a presentation about some of the challenges and solutions when dealing with intervention for preschoolers with ASD.

Play Persuasion: Convincing the Unconvinced

This video is a recording of the November 2019 seminar hosted by the ECCRC. Guest hosts Christine McLean and Matt Sampson explain the benefits of play for children, as well as how to explain these benefits to the skeptical.