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Project Team


The Research Team

 Care and Construction group

Front from Left: Pamela Fancey, Janice Keefe, Arlene Morrison, Marian Casey, Sherry Keen, Debra Boudreau, Sacha Nadeau, Stephanie Chamberlain, Lloyd Brown, Margaret McKee
Back from Left: Chris LaBreche, Judith Godin, John O’Keefe, Kevin Kelloway, Robin Stadnyk, Lori Weeks, Grace Warner, Ann McInnis, Bernadette Lake, Marie Earl, Christy Nickerson Rak
Absent from Photograph: Donna Dill, Melissa Andrew and Margaret Merlin-Wilson


Principal Applicants:

Janice Keefe, PhD, Professor, Department of Family Studies & Gerontology

Kevin Kelloway, PhD, Professor, Department of Management, Sobey School of Business & Department of Psychology, Faculty of Science, Saint Mary’s University

Ann McInnis, former Corporate Director Quality and Decision Support, Northwood



Melissa Andrew, MD, MSc(PH), FRCPC, Geriatrician, Geriatric Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Dalhousie University

Marie Earl, PhD, Assistant Professor, Physiotherapy, Faculty of Health Professions, Dalhousie University

Margaret McKee, PhD, Assistant Professor, Management, Sobey School of Business, Saint Mary’s University

Robin Stadnyk, PhD, Assistant Professor, Occupational Therapy, Faculty of Health Professions, Dalhousie University

Grace Warner, PhD, Assistant Professor, Occupational Therapy, Faculty of Health Professions, Dalhousie University

Lori Weeks, PhD, Associate Professor, Department of Family and Nutritional Sciences, Faculty of Science, University of Prince Edward Island


Knowledge Users:

Debra Boudreau, Administrator, Tideview Terrace Nursing Home

Lloyd Brown, Executive Director, Alzheimer Society of Nova Scotia

Donna Dill, (retired) Director, Monitoring & Evaluation, Nova Scotia Department of Health, Continuing Care

Perry Sankarsingh, Director, Monitoring & Evaluation, Nova Scotia Department of Health, Continuing Care

Sherry Keen, CEO, Windsor Elms Nursing Home

John O’Keefe, Senior Social worker, Northwood .

Margaret Merlin-Wilson, CEO, Harbourview Lodge Continuing Care Centre.


Partners and Collaborators:

Health Association Nova Scotia, Bernadette Lake, PhD, Organizational Research, Measurement & Effectiveness Specialist

Shannex, Chris LaBreche, Vice President of Operations, Enhanced Care,

Marian Casey, Director of Clinical Services

Alderwood Rest Home, Arlene Morrison, Administrator

Rosecrest Communities, Tracy Bonner, Director of Education and Quality Improvement


Research Trainees

Stephanie Chamberlain – Research Trainee (May 2012 – April 2013); Research Assistant (May 2013 – March 2014) As a Research Trainee with the Care and Construction project, Stephanie assisted with survey administration, family focus groups, and case study data collection and analysis. She is currently completing a Masters in Family Studies and Gerontology at Mount Saint Vincent under the supervision of Dr. Janice Keefe.


Thea Brown – Research Trainee (October 2011 – October 2012)
Thea’s position focused on the case study component of the study. She supported recruitment, data collection for the first two time points and initial analysis of the case study data. Thea completed her MA in Family Studies and Gerontology under the supervision of Dr. Janice Keefe.


Meghan Donohoe – Research Trainee - (July – October 2011)
Meghan conducted the staff focus groups as her research training. Meghan has her MSc in Industrial/Organizational Psychology and is currently working on her PhD at Saint Mary’s University under the supervision of Dr. Kevin Kelloway.



Project Staff

Christy Nickerson Rak – Project Manager (March 2012 – March 2015)

Judith Godin, PhD – Data Analyst (September 2012 - June 2014)

Rachel Ogilvie - Project Manager (June 2011 – March 2012)

Ceilidh Young – Research Assistant (September 2014 – March 2015)
Jennifer Wong – Research Assistant (September 2013 – March 2014)

Maureen Green – Research Assistant (May – August 2012, February - April 2013, September 2013 – March 2014)

Sacha Nadeau – Research Assistant (May - August 2012; September 2012 – January 2013)

Mary-Dan Johnston - Research Assistant (May – August 2012)

Alison Spurr – Research Assistant (May – July 2012)



Nursing Home Study Sites

Alderwood Rest Home (Baddeck)

Arbourstone (Halifax)

Bisset Court (Cole Harbour)

Blomidon Court (Greenwich)

Cedarstone Enhanced Care Limited (Truro)

Celtic Court (Sydney)

Debert Court (Debert)

Duncan MacMillan Nursing Home

Harbourview Lodge Continuing Care Centre (Sheet Harbour)

Elk Court (Brookfield)

Glasgow Hall (Dartmouth)

Harbourstone (Sydney)

Ivany Place (Bedford)

Maplestone (Halifax)

Northumberland Hall (Amherst)

Northwoodcare (Halifax)

Orchard Court (Kentville)

Parkstone (Halifax)

Ryan Hall (Bridgewater)

Sagewood Continuing Care Centre (Sackville)

The Magnolia (Enfield)

Tideview Terrace (Digby)

Vimy Court (Bible Hill)

Windsor Elms Village (Windsor)