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Staff & Postdoctoral Fellows

Janice Keefe - Director                                                 

On Sabbatical July 1, 2019-June 30, 2020

Pamela Fancey - Associate Director                             

Elaine MacFadyen - Communications Coordinator       

Donna Fraser - Administrative Assistant                                            


Project Contacts

Seniors- Adding Life to Years (SALTY)                                         
Paula Richardson  - Project Manager                            
Lisa Tay - Project Coordinator                                                                       

Emily Hubley - Research Assistant                                
Tanya Crawford - Knowledge Broker                             
Mary Jean Hande - Postdoctoral Fellow                        

Home Care Pathways

Lucy Knight - Project Coordinator                                        

Caregiver APP
Rowen McKenzie - Research Assistant                         

C.A.R.E. Tool                                                               

Care and Construction: Nursing Home Study       

Advisory Board 2019-2020


Helen MacDonnell- Community Links

Faizal Nanji - Department of Seniors

Bill Berryman - Seniors' Advisory Council of Nova Scotia

Patricia Murray - Caregivers Nova Scotia

Dr. Melissa Andrew - Centre for Health Care of the Elderly

Dr. Serhat Bayrak - Member at Large

Dr. Sheva Medjuck- Member at Large

Helen Marsh - Member at Large

Joyce d'Entremont - Member at Large

Diana Whalen - Member at Large

Dr. Ardra Cole, Member at Large, Chair

Dr. Kim Kienapple - Ex-officio

Dr. Janice Keefe - Ex-officio (on sabbatical)

Pamela Fancey - Ex-officio

Management Board 2019-2020

Dr. Janice Keefe, Director, Nova Scotia Centre on Aging, MSVU (on sabbatical)

Dr. Kim Kienapple, Dean of Professional Studies, MSVU

Dr. Zachary Zimmer, Professor, Dept of Family Studies and Gerontology, MSVU

Pamela Fancey, Associate Director, Nova Scotia Centre on Aging - Ex-officio