Welcome to the Alexa McDonough Institute

                           Advancing women, gender, and social justice

Our vision:

The Institute for Women, Gender, and Social Justice is a hub of feminist energy, action and research
that seeks to achieve equity and improve lives in their complexity and multiplicity, locally and globally. 

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We know that we can do more together than we can separately. The institute is committed to partnering with women's centres, unions, social justice organizations, international development organizations, art hives and others to make a greater difference in the world around us. 

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We connect with many learning initiatives to create mentoring relationships with students and offer opportunities to contribute to research, action and learning projects. We work to create and support initiatives that extend our understanding of issues related to women, gender, and social justice.  

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Our action plans have many moving pieces to help us reach our vision. In partnership with organizations on and off campus we access funding, support, educational opportunities and research initiatives to inform action. Achieving equity and improving lives are our action goals. 

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We identify ongoing research efforts related to women, gender, and social justice and stimulate new research by seeking out promising projects and supporting their growth. Our research initiatives may involve feminist methodologies, community-based research, action research, and arts-informed methods. 

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