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Teaching Resource Repository 

Committed to supporting teaching excellence, the TLCOL is developing a new online repository of teaching resources for faculty. The resources will support a range of teaching and learning related areas including:

  • Program and Course Design 
  • Teaching Methods and Strategies 
  • Teaching with Technology 
  • Teaching Development  
  • Teaching Through the Term  
  • Teaching in the Disciplines  

We invite you to suggest a topic for a resource to be included in the new repository by emailing 

Featured Resources

Course Outline Template

This comprehensive course outline template integrates policies, regulations, resources, and examples to support faculty with all aspects of course outline development. This interactive course outline template uses advanced features in Microsoft Word to provide access to pedagogical support, resources, related documents, and examples right when faculty need them. 

Faculty Start of Term Teaching Checklist 

Get ready for the start of term with this checklist that outlines the essential tasks faculty need to complete to get ready to teach in a new term. This checklist will help you:

  • Design your course  
  • Complete your administrative responsibilities  
  • Prepare your teaching technologies
  • Connect with your students

The Faculty Start of Term Teaching Checklist can be found on the Intranet. 

Moodle Course Site Accessibility Checklist 

This interactive checklist integrates inclusive teaching practices, Universal Design for Learning guidelines, resources, and examples to help you:

  • Meet accessibility requirements 
  • Improve the design of your Moodle course site 
  • Create options to promote student success 
  • Support diverse learners in your course 

You can access the Moodle Course Site Accessibility Checklist through the Intranet.