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Suzan Jorgensen

The Disability Rights Coalition

Suzan Jorgensen is a community partner on the Alliance representing the Disability Rights Coalition (DRC), formally known as the Kendrick Coalition.  The DRC was originally formed by advocates (individuals and groups) of cross-disabilities from across the province when the government commissioned Dr. Michael Kendrick to do a report on the state of disability needs in the province of Nova Scotia and subsequently make recommendations. Several years passed and the Kendrick Report was not implemented, but a core group of advocates continue to meet as issues arose. DRC member activity includes the distribution of communications and/or information, meeting with political representatives, and participation in panels, research projects, and media forums.


Suzan works in administration at the Capital District Health Authority. She is a member of the Family Advisory Team to the Dalhousie Family Medicine Support Program for Primary Care to Adults with Developmental Disabilities and is a mother of a 27 year old daughter who has Angelman's Syndrome.


“My daughter has difficulty with her speech, gross and fine motor skills. She enjoys a variety of activities, she especially has a terrific sense of humour. I have advocated for my daughter her whole life and especially for her full inclusion in her community school. I am proud to say we had a successful experience but even more important we had a true sense of belonging to our community. Unfortunately, after high school there were no options for my daughter, although she does go to a day program. This was not really a choice because it is the only place where support for her needs would be funded. This was not our dream of a good life where choices and flexiblity are not an option. This is the time when I became involved with advocacy groups for the disabled.” (S. Jorgensen)