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Cathy Deagle Gammon

DIRECTIONS Council for Vocational Services Society

Cathy Deagle Gammon is a community partner on the Alliance representing the DIRECTIONS Council. Cathy, an MSVU graduate, is the Executive Director at the Dartmouth Adult Services Centre (DASC) and has over 29 years experience working in both residential and vocational services. During her career she has held various board positions with the DIRECTIONS Council of Nova Scotia and was President for six years from 2000-2006.


DIRECTIONS Council for Vocational Services Society is a not for profit organization representing twenty-eight member agencies throughout Nova Scotia. The Council's mandate is to assist and support member organizations in the delivery of services that promote the abilities and inclusion of persons with disabilities in the every day activities of their community. DIRECTIONS member agencies provide program services for 1800 participants within the province including educational opportunities, provincial staff benefits, networking, advocacy, leadership and a variety of vocational resources.


"DIRECTIONS is pleased to be an Alliance member and as Executive Director of DASC I join them in realizing the importance of this work. We have a responsibility to research who is needing service, what service they require, and what manner in which they would like it provided so that we as advocates, educators, service providers and policy makers can shape a future that is responsive to those needs." (C. Deagle Gammon)