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Danielle Poulos, Project Coordinator

Danielle, holds a BSc in Psychology and Masters Degree in Kinesiology from Dalhousie University. Her Masters thesis examined the social context effects of exercise on reducing negative affect in young adult women. Following her MSc, Danielle worked as a sessional instructor at Acadia University and a research assistant with the Atlantic Health Promotion Research Centre on the "Beyond Dissemination: Assessing Receptor Capacity to Use Research in Health Systems and Policy" project.


Danielle began working as a project coordinator for the Intellectual Disabilities Service Needs Research Alliance in June 2010. Her responsibilities include coordinating and overseeing the implementation of all aspects of the project.


In addition to her position with the IDSN Research Alliance, Danielle is a certified Mental Performance Consultant with the Canadian Sport Psychology Association (CSPA) and works with the Canadian Sport Centre Atlantic and Dalhousie University Varsity. She is also Level III coach and Master Learning Facilitator/Course Conductor with the Coaching Association of Canada.


Danielle's research interests include strengths and vitures that enable individuals to thrive, building human strengths and resilience, and happiness and culture.