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Cathy Crouse

Cathy Crouse, Associate

Cathy Crouse is the Executive Director of the Metro Community Housing Association, a non-profit organization providing supportive housing to 165 people in the Halifax Regional Municipality who have experience with mental health issues. She is an Adjunct Professor with the Department of Family Studies and Gerontology at MSVU and has retained her connection to the IDSN Alliance and other research projects that were initiated when Cathy was the Executive Director of the Nova Scotia Centre on Aging.
Although Cathy is currently working for an agency providing mental health services, she has worked within the community-living field supporting people with intellectual disabilities for twenty years in the province of British Columbia, including nine years with the BC Association for Community Living. She has a Master’s of Social Work degree from Dalhousie University and is a Registered Social Worker, as well as the current President of the Nova Scotia Association of Social Workers.


"It is very important to have accurate information on current and future service needs. The concept of this research is to test a means to gather and analyze this information at the community level. Community based service providers and advocates will then be able to use the data to both plan for the future and secure necessary resources. Although it seems simple, it takes a great deal of commitment and coordination to create and maintain a data base of this kind. But we know that the effort will serve to empower individuals and their support networks." (C. Crouse)