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Adele McSorley

Adele McSorley, Associate

Adele McSorley is an associate on the Alliance. She is currently the project coordinator for “Collective Care for the Children We Share,” an AHTF project geared at improving mental health outcomes for children and their families in Mi’kmaq communities.

Adele completed her undergraduate education at West Chester State University and holds a Master of Science from Emerson College. She has extensive experience in several research areas including policy concerning early support services for children and families, child care, parents and professionals information needs when caring for children with disabilities, and training needs of early childhood educators. Additionally, she has taught at elementary, high school, and university levels.


“Many of the service issues that concern adults with disabilities also affect children and their families. A database which identifies the number of adults with intellectual disabilities and their service needs may have benefits for children at a younger age and their families.” (A. McSorley)