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Background Documents:Summary of Research Project (PDF)Publications:Stakeholders' Forum Report - 2006 (PDF)

The IDSN Research Alliance held consultations with the broader community in January 2006 through a Stakeholders' Forum.  The focus and direction of the Forum was shaped by continuous input from all members of the Alliance.  The guest list included persons living with intellectual disabilities, family members of persons with intellectual disabilities, university researchers, and representatives from service agencies, advocacy groups, and the Nova Scotia Departments of Health and Education.

The Forum was an overwhelming success, particularly because it assembled a diverse group of individuals who all worked toward a common goal:  identify the components necessary to create a comprehensive and sustainable database of information about persons living with intellectual disabilities. 

The consensus from the Forum was that the IDSN database should be person-centered and should address gaps in the existing information. Please refer to the link above to view a copy of the final Forum Report.



Stakeholders' Workshop Report 2009 (PDF)

This report summarizes the proceedings of the Stakeholders’ Workshop hosted on October 15, 2009 by the Intellectual Disabilities Service Needs (IDSN) Research Alliance.  The workshop provided a forum for persons with intellectual disability, family members, service providers, advocates, and university researchers to discuss the ongoing work of the IDSN Research Alliance.


Members of the Alliance presented a summary of the survey process employed to collect information on the health and social service usage, needs, and gaps from adults living with intellectual disability in Nova Scotia, as well as a summary of key themes emerging from the data collected between June and October 2009.  Workshop participants identified a number of key research issues for consideration during a series of facilitated workshops throughout the day.