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Project Description

The next step: Retirement planning for older adults with developmental disabilities (PDF- 28.3 KB)

This project sought to build links between the disability and aging sectors to respond to a growing need for information to inform policy and programs relevant to retirement planning for persons with developmental disabilities. Service providers, educators and policy makers have recognized an imperative need to address the gaps in retirement planning for this population. Building links between the sectors is a primary step to creating inclusive social policy that will support healthy aging and community participation.


Publications and Presentations


Final Report- April 2009 (PDF- 366 KB)


MacLellan, M., Butler, S., & Humble, A. M. (2007, June). Retirement planning. Paper presented at “Growing Older with a Disability” conference, part of the Festival of International Conferences on Caregiving, Disability, Aging, and Technology, Toronto.


Provincial Network Communication- March 2008 (PDF- 204 KB)


Aging in Place Discussion Paper- March 2008 (PDF)


Retirement Planning Resource Guide- January 2008 (2nd ed) (PDF- 2 MB)


Provincial Network Communication- October 2007 (PDF)


Needs Assessment Report- November 2006 (PDF- 2 MB)