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External Links for Family-Work Issues


CanadaCentre for Research and Education on Women and Work (CREWW)The Centre for Research and Education on Women and Work is a research unit located at the Sprott School of Business at Carleton University. The mission of the centre is to conduct and translate research findings to academics and the community. 
Healthy Balance Research ProgramThe Healthy Balance Research Program (HBRP) is a community alliance for health research on women's unpaid caregiving in Nova Scotia. To better understand the relationship between women's health and well-being and caregiving the HBRP is conducting research using four methods: secondary data analysis, a survey, ethnographic caregiver portraits, and focus group discussions. There are a number of publications available online including a piece on "women, work and caring in the new millenium."


Maritime Data Centre for Aging Research & Policy AnalysisThe purpose of the Maritime Data Centre for Aging Research & Policy Analysis is to conduct research on the aging population with a focus on caregiving issues, train students in research techniques, and inform key decision makers in continuing care of the findings of the research. This website offers a number of online publications including policy profiles for caregivers of ten countries.


TNS Canadian Facts Social Policy Research DivisionTNS Canadian Facts is a social and marketing research firm. Their primary activity is to conduct research in order to provide clients with information and strategic direction. Areas of research include Canada's Parental Leave policies and the Guarantee Income Supplement and Allowance programs.


University of Guelph Centre for Families, Work, and Well-beingThe Centre for Families, Work, & Well-being is an interdisciplinary research and educational centre. Through research and teaching, the Centre focuses on individual and family well-being, strong communities, and responsive work environments. 


The Vanier Institute of the FamilyThe Vanier Institute of the Family is an acknowledged leader on issues affecting families. It advocates on behalf of Canada's 7.8 million families from the point of view that families are the key building block of society and that every Canadian is included in their context. This site offers a number of online publications on topics such as "family time" and "work and family".


Work-Life Balance in Canadian WorkplacesThis website is maintained by Human Resources Skills Development Canada. This website offers individuals the most recent information on work-life balance. Information found on this site includes workplace programs and policies, implementation and management tools, and research.

United StatesCenter for Retirement Research at Boston CollegeThe Center for Retirement Research is located at Boston College and is an education and resource tool. The center seeks to produce research and create links between scholars and decision makers in public and private sectors around the issue of retirement. Research focuses primarily on economic issues related to retirements. This site offers interactive tools such as a game that helps women plan for retirement.


Family Caregiving AllianceThe Family Caregiver Alliance (FCA) is a resource website for long-term care, serving as a public voice for caregivers. The FCA offers a wide variety of programs and services including education and training, research and policy development, and various online services.


Families and Work InstituteThe Families and Work Institute is a non-profit organization that addresses the changing nature of work and family life. The Institute seeks to provide objective information on work-life issues as well as those issues surrounding workers and employers. This site features many Families and Work publications available for purchase, such as Navigating Work and Family: Hands on Advice for Working Parents.


Labor Project for Working FamiliesThis website works with various groups and organizations on work and family issues across the country. The focuses of the project are to: (a) educate unions about work/family initiatives, (b) advocate to improve policies for working families, and (c) promote partnerships between unions and communities. The website has a number of publications available on issues such as elder care and family leave.


Michigan Retirement Research CentreThe Michigan Retirement Research Centre (MRRC) is a national resource whose purpose is to benefit the public through three activities related to retirement policies: high-quality research, communication, and education. The MRRC offers online newsletters and papers on the latest research.


The Sloan FoundationThis foundation conducts research in a number of areas including science and technology, economics, education, and work-family issues. A A number of different research programs address these topics. The goal of the Workplace, Workforce, and Working Families Program is to enhance the understanding of the interaction of work and family and how to create a more diverse workforce to meet the needs of working families. There are five Sloan Centers on Working Families in operation:


Sloan Work and Family Research Network

This webpage, located through Boston College and supported through the Sloan Foundation, offers resources related to teaching, research, employment practices, and state policies. Individuals can also search a literature database for research on family-work issues.


Women's Institute for a Secure RetirementThe Women's Institute for a Secure Retirement (WISER) is an organization that offers women skills and information to improve their economic circumstances and plan for retirement. WISER is dedicated to improving the long-term financial security of all women through education and advocacy.  WISER offers a number of online publications including financial decisions for caregivers and managing the risks of retirement.


InternationalWork-Life Research CentreThe Work-Life Research Centre is a multi-site centre based out of Manchester Metropolitan University, UK. The primary aim of the Work-Life Research Centre is to provide a forum for the exchange of information, conduct research on the relationship between work and family, influence policy debates, and bridge the gap between research and practice.