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Our graduates are currently pursuing careers as:

  • Research Committee at Community Action Homelessness (Halifax Regional Municipality)
  • Outreach Coordinator at LBGT Youth Project
  • Family Support Workers
  • Employment Facilitator at "The Work Bridge”
  • Residential Support Worker (RSW), Our Neighborhood Living Society
  • Educational programmers
  • Community Geriatric Navigator, Dartmouth Seniors Health Team
  • Coordinator of Volunteer Services, Victorian Order of Nurses
  • Resident Service Attendant, Parkland Estates
  • Recreation Coordinator, Parkland Estates
  • Publications Assistant, Department of Seniors

The following are some testimonials from graduates of our undergraduate and graduate programs. These profiles will give you an idea of what kind of careers our graduates get as well as how they benefited from our programs. We welcome additional profiles, so if you would like to have your profile included here, please contact us!

Saemyi Chung, Part-Time University Instructor, Seoul Women's University

After graduating from the undergraduate program, I returned to Seoul. From June 2007 to November 2007, I worked at the Catholic Medical Center as an Office Planner. There, I collaborated with medical professionals and nurses to develop projects, and organized meetings, conferences, and workshops. During this time, however, I missed learning about gerontological issues, and thus decided to apply for graduate school. I graduated from a gerontology program in the Family and Consumer Sciences Department at California State University in 2010. I then picked up a job at the Seoul Women’s University as a part-time instructor teaching courses such as “Counseling for Older Adults” and “Field Trips in Gerontology”.

When I first moved to Halifax, I entered a world that was very unfamiliar to me. It was the first time I lived by myself in a foreign country, and the fact that English was not my first language left me anxious. However, I quickly made friends and got to know my FSGN professors, which allowed me to overcome these difficulties. This allowed my experience in the program at MSVU to be the most meaningful time of my life.

During the program, I gained lots of helpful knowledge and experience. Getting to know about the social, physical, and psychological issues of aging, as well as interpersonal relationships, policy issues, and communication skills expanded my knowledge regarding the population of older adults. Due to the considerate professors and kind classmates in the program, I thoroughly enjoyed going to MSVU. I also liked how the class sizes were small, which prevented me from being a marginal student. Everyone encouraged me to keep up with the courses and do my best. Quite simply, I am where I am now because of the program and people at MSVU.

Crissy Doucette, District Manager of Continuing Care

Since graduating from the FSGN program at the Mount I moved back to my home town, married and, more importantly, had my first child. I also quickly found a job as a Seniors’ Health Manager using my new degree, and accepted the position as District Manager of Continuing Care in South West Health shortly after. All in all, I truly feel as if I am where I am supposed to be in life. Not only am I with friends and have acquired a new family, but I love my job and the work I am able to do.

While at the Mount, I constantly felt reassured knowing the professors were always willing to help me out. The support I received was fantastic. Moreover, I made friends with a great group of classmates, who also offered me additional support. We managed to have lots of fun while getting our work completed.

The skills I learned in the program are some I find very useful today. Before going to the Mount, I felt somewhat sheltered, and felt anxious about what would be expected of me while in my degree. Thankfully, the amount of support I received from my new friends and professors allowed me to complete the degree with confidence. In addition, I also learned about many organizations where I could use the newly acquired skills, which allowed me to discover career possibilities I had never before imagined. Some of the most valuable skills I acquired were for public speaking and research, which gave me the tools to discover the information I so wanted to learn about. Looking back, I am so glad I chose the FSGN program to study at the Mount. My university experience was incredible, and it has helped me become the happy person I am today.

Darren O’Connell, Recreation Therapeutic Programmer

Since graduating from MSVU in 2004 I have had the chance to explore a wide range of opportunities.  The FSGN program provided me with the transferable skills and knowledge to work with several different populations.  I have had the opportunity to work with troubled youth and their families, adults living with duel diagnoses in mental health, and currently with seniors as a Recreation Therapeutic Programmer.

My experience at MSVU was an amazing one.  I look back at my academic career as one of the best times of my life.  The FSGN program not only provided an excellent environment for learning, but helped me grow and come into my own.  The small classroom sizes provide an experience that is unlike any other.  Because of this, the faculty are able to provide a great deal of time, support, and academic counseling.

I was very involved in student life and am very proud of what I was able to accomplish at MSVU.  I was a Resident Assistant for two years and the DON of Residence my last year. I also served as the Vice President of Academic Affairs for the Students’ Union.  These experiences also helped prepare me for life after graduation. I call on the leadership skills I obtained during this time on a daily basis throughout my career.

For many reasons, I was not someone who was expected to excel in university.  MSVU and the FSGN program provided me with the environment and support I needed to have for both academic and personal success.  During my time at MSVU I was awarded the 2003 Alumnae Student’s Union leadership award and upon graduation I was the MSVU President’s Award recipient. Choosing MSVU and the FSGN program was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Chelsea Stewart, Bachelor of Education Student

Getting my undergrad degree in FSGN at the Mount was a very positive experience. I loved that the class sizes were small, and enjoyed being able to focus my education on families and communities. My favourite part of the program, however, was the faculty. The professors are truly committed to their students and their research, and their knowledge and life experience blew me away.

During these four years, I chose to focus on taking Family Studies courses regarding the diversity of families and communities. I really enjoyed how practical my education was, and it nicely contrasted the other more theoretical courses I was taking. These courses helped me better understand different family dynamics, the relationship between parents and children, as well as the effect that community-based programming can have on family life.

While increasing my knowledge of these topics, I became more socially conscious as an individual, which allowed me to further understand the difficulties and needs of the diverse families existing today. It also taught me how important it is to be a community-focused person, which was beneficial to me given my role on the Students' Union during my last year as the Vice President of Student Advocacy.

Today I am pursuing a Bachelor of Education, and low and behold, Family Studies is one of my teachable subjects! Not only is my education in Family Studies helping me in terms of being able to teach certain aspects of the high school and junior high curriculum, but it also has helped me increase my awareness when entering a classroom. Knowing that every student I will teach, no matter what type of family they come from, is walking in with an invisible suitcase filled with all the things that are going on their lives helps me understand their behaviour and learning within the classroom. This understanding will allow me to help them reach their maximum potential as a student, which will be of the greatest importance to me as a teacher.

Lauren Sweet-Lawrence, Deployment and Community Development Coordinator

Upon graduating from MSVU, I spent two years working in small option homes for adults with intellectual disabilities, which turned out to be one of the most rewarding jobs I have had to date. I was able to get to know the families I worked with, using my knowledge acquired during my degree to better understand the dynamics within these families. I also volunteered with the Halifax Immigrant Learning Centre, where I found a true passion in teaching English as a second language.

I currently work as a Deployment and Community Development Coordinator at the Military Family Resource Centre in Wainwright, Alberta, where I provide support to families who are experiencing military deployment. I recently took a maternity leave to support my own new family member, my 5-month-old daughter!

My experience at the Mount was extremely positive. Not only were the professors approachable, supportive, and knowledgeable, but that combined with the small and intimate class sizes gave me the chance to have my voice heard. During my degree I also had the opportunity to work at the Bayer’s Westwood Family Resource Center, leaving me with a whole new appreciation for military, low-income, and immigrant families.

The FSGN program at MSVU provided me with teaching, facilitation, organizational, and research skills that I have found very valuable to have for my job today. The classes I took during the program (such as Program Planning in Family Life Education and Social and Family Theories) helped me find my true passion, and for that, I am forever thankful.

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