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Frequently asked questions about the Nonprofit Leadership program

We rounded up the questions we thought you’d have and did our best to answer them below.

Still looking for more information? Email Dr. Scott MacMillan or call 902.457.5991.

Canada has one of the largest nonprofit sectors in the world with more than 171,000 organizations, over 2 million employees (10.5% of the labour force), and in excess of $112 billion in revenue. The Nonprofit Leadership Program at the Mount will prepare students for a variety of meaningful senior work positions in this sector as executive directors, chief executive officers, program managers, HR managers, financial managers, communications & marketing directors, fund-development directors, and project managers.

The major/minor/concentration is available to all students registered in the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program. You can apply for the BBA and then select it as your major.

The Certificate is open to any Mount student. It is also open as a standalone program for anyone (not currently a Mount student) who meets the acceptable high school completion requirements for admission to the Mount.

Acceptable high school completion for entrance to Mount Saint Vincent University is defined as high school graduation with the following: 
•  Students shall have completed a minimum of five university preparatory grade XII level courses with an overall average of 70 percent or higher and no individual grade below 60 percent. Applicants who present overall grade XII averages between 65 and 69 percent will be reviewed for admission on an individual basis. If admitted to the University, such applicants will normally be required to complete Student Success Programs in addition to the requirements of their degrees. 
•  Grade XII level academic English with a grade of 65 percent or higher, at least four grade XII academic courses approved by the provincial Department of Education and acceptable to Mount Saint Vincent University. 

In addition to the General Admissions Requirements, grade XI and XII academic or advanced mathematics are required for entry to the Bachelor of Business Administration degree program. 

Under the Mature Student Category, admission may be granted to students who have not completed the formal requirements for their program of choice. Application to the University may be made under the following options: 

With High School Diploma 
Students who have graduated from high school but lack the required grade average and/or course requirements may apply for admission three years after graduation. The following documentation is required: 
-  high school transcript   
-  detailed résume outlining previous education and work experience 
Note: Courses may be prescribed as a condition of admission. 

Without High School Diploma 
Students who did not graduate from high school may apply for admission five years after their last year in school. The following documentation is required:   
-  high school transcript or GED scores   
-  detailed résume outlining previous education and work experience 
Note: Upgrading courses may be prescribed as a condition of admission. 

Mature students lacking the specific admissions requirements or specific program prerequisites for their preferred program, will be admitted either: 
-  to the program of choice conditionally by permission of the department; or to the
-  Bachelor of Arts General Studies program by alternate offer. 

Conditional Admission 
Students admitted conditionally must complete assigned program prerequisites within the first academic year (12 months from start of courses).

The program is 4.0 units in length, or 8 courses. It can be completed full-time or part-time.

Initially, the courses will be available on campus only, but as the program develops we expect all of the courses to be available online.

Not initially, but as the program develops we expect to offer it online.

The total cost of the certificate would be the total cost for eight courses (which, as of the fall of 2017, is $726.65 per course or $5813.20 for eight). Please visit the Money Matters section of the Mount website for current financial details.

Please visit the Money Matters section of the Mount website for current financial details for degree programs.

The same as for all other Mount degrees/certificate programs – at least 50% of coursework must be completed at the Mount. Your transfer credit assessment is completed once you have been accepted to the Mount and the results will be included in your acceptance package, unless additional information is required to complete the assessment. Review the Transfer Credit Databank to see potential transfer credits available.

Students enrolled in any degree program at the Mount are eligible to take the certificate. To enroll, complete a program change form (available here) and indicate your intent to pursue the Certificate in Non-Profit Leadership. Please note that there is currently no designated space on the form to add a certificate (it is in the process of being changed). In the interim, please specify that you are adding the certificate in the section of the form regarding minors.