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Following good lifestyle behaviours such as healthy eating and an active lifestyle can reduce risks of developing chronic diseases, increase ability to concentrate, reduce fatigue and stress, and improve general well-being. Despite this, many of us do not always eat a healthy diet or have regular physical activity. Evidence from recent studies of Mount students, faculty and staff certainly support this but the good news is that there is an interest in improving lifestyle behaviours 1,2.


In partnership with the Mount Wellness Committee, the purpose of the Wellness for All project is to identify healthy eating and active lifestyle supports for the Mount community, develop a plan of action for implementation.  It is expected that the Mount will be able to serve as a role model for the translation of healthy eating/active lifestyle knowledge into health promotion strategies for other post-secondary education institutions across Canada.


Click here to view a presentation of the Wellness for All current status.

1. Mann L, Blotnicky K, Durst A. Influences on university students’ eating behaviours. Unpublished. 2012.

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