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Our Mission:

“Providing university students and community members with an accurate, professional nutrition advising service that will assist them in developing and maintaining healthy lifestyles.”

  Student Nutrition Services 2


Established in 1996, SNS is a unique volunteer service run by Applied Human Nutrition students.  SNS is committed to providing students and community members with free, accessible, and accurate nutrition information through one-on-one nutrition advising.

The Health Offices at Dalhousie, Saint Mary’s, and Mount Saint Vincent Universities refer students with nutrition concerns to SNS advisors.  Clients receive the expertise of SNS advisors in areas such as vegetarianism, weight loss, sports nutrition, eating on a budget, healthy eating, allergies, and much more.  This service also provides SNS volunteers with the opportunity to use their knowledge to assist clients seeking nutrition information, as well as allowing them to gain experience in working with and advising clients in a professional setting.

SNS is also actively involved in developing health displays and nutrition presentations for interested university or community groups.  Offering a wide variety of nutrition and health information allows SNS members to increase individuals’ nutrition awareness and contribute to the development of healthy lifestyles.

To address nutritional concerns or to set up an appointment, please contact SNS through the University Health Offices or email:

Refer toNutrition Information for more details.