Something for everyone

With our unique collection of programs, undergraduate research opportunities and some of the smallest class sizes in Canada, you're sure to find the right path at the Mount.

With a wide variety of distinctive and well-respected programs and departments, there is something for everyone.

If you have a job and a full life and want to finish your degree, or maybe you are a working professional who wants to get ahead, discover online learning at the Mount.  With access to cutting edge learning technologies, you will have the flexibility to achieve your career and life goals.  You can balance your education with your work and family responsibilities.  

Who are online learners?

Our students are located around the world! They live and work throughout Canada and the United States, Bermuda, the Caribbean, Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

People of all ages study via the online learning programs offered at the Mount. Many online learning students are working adults, but many on-campus students take courses via online learning to accommodate their study and work schedules. Many students cannot come to campus because of job requirements, shift work and/or family responsibilities and find that online learning provides them with the flexibility and balance they need to pursue their education.

How are online courses delivered?

Regardless of the delivery method for an online learning course, the content, assignments and exams are equivalent to those offered in the classroom, and are generally taught by faculty members who also teach on campus. One of the reasons that online courses are so exceptional is the great support our MSVU professors provide.

Online courses are offered in the following ways:

  • Via our learning management system, Moodle with real-time seminars via Blackboard Collaborate
  • Video lectures and presentations completed by Moodle interactivity
  • By connecting online learners with professors and students in on-campus classes via Blackboard Collaborate