You are Going Places with Moodle and Collaborate

Moodle is the Mount's Learning Management System (LMS) and allows educators to create their unique course website which utilizes dynamic features such as messaging, forums, wikis and glossaries.  Moodle course sites can be used to administer quizzes and tests, as a grading system, create assignments and facilitate online discussions.  

Within Moodle, faculty can access and utilize Blackboard Collaborate.  This is an online, synchronous (real time) interactive virtual classroom with voice-over-internet capability that facilitates engaged teaching and learning amongst faculty, students and the course content.

Collaborate facilitates learning via the web, video, and audio functionality and its tools include a shared whiteboard, virtual breakout rooms, emoticons, web tours and more.

Courses that use Collaborate have a scheduled real-time interaction which varies among courses and students connect to Collaborate directly from within the accompanying Moodle course site.

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Resource Information for Students - Getting the Most out of Moodle and Collaborate

The most common features of Moodle that students utilize include Moodle messaging, forums, quizzes and assignments.

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Resource Information for Faculty - How Moodle and Collaborate Can Work for Your Course

Moodle is available to all Mount faculty for both on-campus and online course delivery.  With Moodle, you can create a customized Moodle course site to post your course outline, course content and assignments; administer quizzes and exams and interact with your students using Moodle messaging and discussion forums.

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Technical and System Requirements

Your experience using Moodle and Collaborate can vary depending on the device you are using, how you are connecting to the internet and the type of content you are accessing.  Students and faculty are encouraged to review the important technical and system requirements available on this website.

Technical and System Requirements

Technical Help Centre

Full technical support is provided to Mount faculty and students who use Moodle and Collaborate, for both on-campus and online courses.

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