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Collection Policy ManualTable of Contents


   I.      University Mission Statement
   II.      Library Mission Statement
   III.      Intellectual Freedom

   IV.      The User Community

   V.      Collection Development Policies
   V.1.      Collection Development: Preamble

   V.2.      Collections: Overview

   V.3.     Materials Selection Process

   V.4.     Monographs: Selection Criteria

   V.5.    Serials: Selection Criteria

   V.6.     Special Collections

   V.6.a    Electronic Resources

   V.6.b    Gov Docs and DLI  

    V.6.c    Microform Research Sets

    V.6.d    MacDonald Collection   

    V.6.e   Lesbian Pulp Fiction Collection  

     V.6.f   Petro-Canada Collection / Guidelines   

     V. 7     Library Gifts & Donations

     V.8.    Collection Maintenance

    VI.        Collection Assessment and Analysis

    VI.1.    Collection Assessment

    VI.2.   Collection Analysis

    VI.2.a  Conspectus Levels

    VII.     Department & Program Collection Profiles