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 Tasha Herrell, Paralegal

MA Family Studies and Gerontology

Shortly after graduating from the FSGN Master’s program, I returned to UPEI to work as the Project Manager for a research group. I also worked as Project Coordinator for a provincial-wide school health strategy. These were jobs that I had prior to attending the Mount, though I felt that my studies improved my ability to do such work.

I remember starting the graduate program at MSVU and feeling lucky to have such a great faculty to work with. They were professors I got along with well and who were very adaptable to my needs as a student. This was especially helpful as I was the only new student in the program at the time, which, without the professors, might have interfered with my ability to meet new people in my classes. I was actually able to work with Dr. Keefe during my work term, which really helped me to get accustomed to living in Nova Scotia and further provided me with opportunities to meet other students and staff. In addition to that, the work term introduced me to a new research area that I was not familiar with, which also taught me how research is carried out with regards to funding, processes, staffing, and staff roles.

There are numerous skills that I am grateful to have acquired during the program. I am particularly happy to have developed my research and critical thinking skills, which helped me immensely while doing my master's thesis, which was on non-residential fathers’ post-divorce experiences of parenting, with Dr. Norris. Some days I still consider pursuing my PhD due to the positive experience I had while completing my research.

Today I work at the Family Centre in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia. I work in the area of family law, doing intakes with clients, developing parenting plans, and drafting documents related to separation and custody/access. All in all, I had a very positive experience at this small and welcoming program. Maybe one day I will get my PhD--who knows!