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Chantal Beaver,
Executive Director, The HUB Family Resource Centre
MA Family Studies and Gerontology

I graduated with my Graduate Degree in 2007. For four years I worked with the YWCA Halifax as a Program Coordinator, Manager of Employability & Life Skills Department, and the Director of Women Services.

A pivotal turning point in my life was the birth of my first child in March 2011. Being a new mom awakened a sincere passion for family life and early year's education and I began to search for career opportunities where I could explore these interests.

In January 2012 I started my role as Executive Director at The HUB Family Resource Center in Fort McMurray, Alberta. The HUB offers an array of early-years programs at two strategically located facilities and itinerantly via to HUB on Wheels vehicles. All programming is designed to encourage an educational interaction between children and their parents/caregivers, as well as develop children's independence and core gross/fine motor skills. In addition to early years programming we offer the only Safe Visitation and Exchange programs in the municipality, ensuring that children in court-ordered custody arrangements are out of harm's way during access and/or exchange. My position as Executive Director is a natural fit to my experience, aptitudes, and especially my education. 

The education that I received from the Family Studies faculty has proven itself to be second to none. I will be forever grateful for the opportunity to have been taught, challenged, and inspired by faculty who truly care about their students.